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For the users of Eldacur.com

Eldacur.com provides the following services, care of Google Apps. There are links to these services at the bottom of this page. The icons in the table are also links.

This one is only for registered users. You can read your Eldacur.com mail using GMail, or to change the forwarding or other settings of your mail account.

Another one for registered users only. Access your calendar on Eldacur.com.

Browse documents at Eldacur.com. Only registered users can do this, but others may have access to specific documents if they know the URL.

Eldacur.com contains a couple of wiki-like sites. These are mostly open only to registered eldacur.com users, but some users of other Google based accounts also have access. If you are one of these, look for a link like the follow at the bottom of the login box.

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And if you enjoy our web site's theme and would like to carry it over to Firefox, we have a Firefox Persons called "Eldacur Technologies Gold" that you can install for that all over burnished gold feeling. You'll need to install Mozilla Labs Personas on your machine. Just click on the image to the right. (The actual persona doesn't have the garish red lettering. Just the gold, the embossing and the tiny logo.) Have fun.