36 Ophiuchi B
1 Planets (size proportional to Sqrt(Radius))
Sun Rock See
Stellar charactersistics
Stellar mass 0.85 solar masses
Stellar luminosity 0.27
Age 3.672 billion years
(27.810 billion left on main sequence)
Habitable ecosphere radius 0.520 AU

Planetary Overview
1 Rock Rock 0.399 AU 0.186 EM 0.575 ER

Planet #1 Statistics
Planet typeRockRock
Tidally Locked 1 Face
Low-G, Hot, Airless, 1-Face
Distance from primary star6E+07 KM0.399 AU
Mass1.1E+24Kg0.186 Earth masses
Surface gravity550.8 cm/sec20.56 Earth gees
Surface pressure 0 millibars0.000 Earth atmospheres
Surface temperature 33.1° Celcius
91.6° Fahrenheit
+19.1° C Earth temperature
+34.4° F Earth temperature
+10.2° C greenhouse effect
Normal temperature range
-229.1° C
-380.4° F
- 200.0° C
392.0° F
Equatorial radius3669.9 Km0.58 Earth radii
Density5.37 grams/cc0.97 Earth densities
Eccentricity of orbit0.007
Escape Velocity 6.4 Km/sec
Molecular weight retained32.9 and aboveH2S, Ar, CO2, N2O, NO2, O3, SO2, SO3...
Axial tilt26°
Planetary albedo 0.07
Exospheric Temperature2157.75° K+884.75° C Earth temperature
Length of year99.89 Earth days1.00 Local days
Length of day2397.41 hours
Boiling point of water-273.1° Celcius
-459.7° Fahrenheit
Hydrosphere percentage 0.0
Cloud cover percentage 0.0
Ice cover percentage 0.0

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