This page is here to serve as a place for me to collect my information on the Stull family, and to communicate them with relatives who are helping with the jpb of collecting and organizing it.

I've recently come across both primary and secondary information relating to the Stull family.

1870 Census Table

State of Michigan

Macomb County

The first primary source I've come up with is 1870 census data from Richmond, MI, where my great grandfather was born. The census lists two Stull families. One is clearly my great great grandfather, Joseph Stull. The other may very well be his father.

Source: Library of Michigan

Date Town Page Dwg. Fam. Name Age Sex   Occupation  RE Value PP Value Birth
Foreign father Foreign mother Mo. born this yr Mo. married this yr In school this year Can't read or write Impaired Eligible to vote
8 Aug Richmond 20 160 160 Stull, Andrew M. 56 M Farmer 1200 300 New Jersey               X
8 Aug Richmond 20 160 160 Stull, Eliza J. 19 F Keeping House     Michigan                
8 Aug Richmond 20 160 160 Stull, George 18 M At Home     Michigan               X
8 Aug Richmond 20 160 160 Stull, Martin 15 M At Home     Michigan                
5 Aug Richmond 25 203 205 Stull, Joseph 24 M Farm Laborer     New York       July       X
5 Aug Richmond 25 203 205 Stull, Maryette 20 F Keeping House     Michigan       July        
NOTE:  In the interest of saving space, the column headed "Color" has been eliminated.  Should there be an entry in this column other than "W," a notation will be made to that effect.

Date of death: 31-Jan-1869
Ledger Page: 20
Record Number: 524
Place of death: Richmond
County of Death: Macomb
Sex: Male
Race: Not Recorded
Marital Status: Single
Age: 9 years 1 month 27 days
Cause of Death: SMALL POX
Birthplace: MICHIGAN
Occupation: Not Recorded
Father's Name: Stull, ANDREW W
Father's Residence:RICHMOND
Mother's Residence:DECEASED
Date of record: 14-Jun-1870

Frank Stull Death Record

State of Michigan

Macomb County

From the Michigan Department of Community Health's Genealogical Death Indexing System, I found one Macomb county Stull death in the 1867-1882 time-frame. Like the two 1870 census families, it was in Richmond.

Young Frank clearly fits with the Andrew Stull family, and even ties the two families together to an extent. Frank's father is listed as Andrew W, which is slightly different from the census's Andrew M, but it is an easy transcription error. His mother is listed as Elizabeth, deceased, supplyinng the name of Andrew's missing wife.

Frank also connects Joseph's family to Andrew's. Two years after the census and death records, Joseph and Maryette named their first son Frank, which makes a lot of sense if Frank was his younger brother who died young a couple of years earlier. Their second son is named George, the same as the oldest boy still living in Andrew's household in the census.

Husband's Name
  William H STULL (AFN:1ND9-B1S)
  Born:  Abt 1848   Place:  , , Ny
  Married:  2 Feb 1888   Place:  Richmond Twp, Macomb, Mi
  Father:  Andrew M STULL (AFN:1ND9-9ZF)
  Mother:  Betsy E RESNICK (AFN:1ND9-B0L)
Wife's Name
  Julia R BATES (AFN:1ND8-WF3)
  Born:  Abt 1853   Place:  Richmond Twp, Macomb, Mi
  Married:  2 Feb 1888   Place:  Richmond Twp, Macomb, Mi
  Father:  William Lester BATES (AFN:1ND8-XNP)
  Mother:  Charlotte CLAGGETT (AFN:1ND8-W7T)

Secondary Sources

The Ancestor File at lists another Stull family in Richmond, William H. who appears to be the son of Andrew M. The information is a bit sketchy, but provides a surname for Andrew's wife Elizabeth, whom it lists as Betsy E. Resnick. Ancestor file info is not the most reliable, but this data does fit in with the rest of the Stull information for Richmond and the whole family begins to make a certain amount of sense.

Andrew M. (W?) Stull b. c. 1814  
  m. Elizabeth "Betsy E." Resnick   d. before 1870
    Joseph C. Stull b. c. 1846  
      m. Maryette Magary b. c. 1850  
        Frank Elmer Stull b. Mar 1872  
        George R Stull b. c. 1876  
    William H. Stull b. c. 1848  
      m. Julia R. Bates b. c. 1853  
    Eliza Stull b. c. 1851  
    George Stull b. c. 1852  
    Martin Stull b. c. 1855  
    Frank Stull b. Dec 4, 1860 d. Jan 31, 1869
Pulling the Macomb county census and death information together with the Ancestor File data, we begin to see a coherent story, shown here.

Given the birthplaces, Andrew moved the family from New york to Michigan in about 1849 or 1850.

Since I wrote this, I've pretty much confirmed this family from the 1850-1910 census records.

We can flesh the dates out a bit more with information from the censuses.

    Age from Census
Name Ave Birth 1850 1860 1870 1880 1900 1910
Andrew M. c. 1811 36 49 56 70    
 = Betsy R. c. 1824 28 33        
   + William H c. 1845 5 15   32    
   | = Julia R.              
   + Joseph C. c. 1846 3 13 24 33 52  
   | = Maryette M. c. 1850     20 29    
   |   + Frank E. c. 1871       9 28  
   |   | = Nellie P. c. 1866         33  
   |   |   + Grace H. c. 1892         7  
   |   + George R c. 1875       4    
   | = Emily c. 1861         38 48
   |   + De Forest c. 1884         15  
   + Eliza J. c. 1850   9 19 29    
   + George c. 1851   7 18 28    
   | = Hannah c. 1853       26    
   + Martin c. 1854   5 15 25    
   | = Wilmet c. 1856       23    
   + Frank c. 1859   0.5