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Lords of Being

Chapter 20a: Lauderdale to Madagascar, via Luxor

or There and Back Again and Again

by Jim Burrows

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From To Initial
Distance Time
FXE (26°11'50"N 80°10'15"W) YHZ (44°52'51"N 63°30'31"W) 31°  (NE) 1587 mi 3:27
YHZ (44°52'51"N 63°30'31"W) RKV (64°07'48"N 21°56'26"W) 35°  (NE) 2076 mi 4:30
RKV (64°07'48"N 21°56'26"W) RTM (51°57'25"N 04°26'14"E) 119°  (SE) 1267 mi 2:45
RTM (51°57'25"N 04°26'14"E) LXR (25°40'16"N 32°42'24"E) 129°  (SE) 2340 mi 5:05
LXR (25°40'16"N 32°42'24"E) ADD (08°58'40"N 38°47'58"E) 159°  (S) 1216 mi 2:38
ADD (08°58'40"N 38°47'58"E) TNR (18°47'49"S 47°28'44"E) 162°  (S) 1999 mi 4:20
TNR (18°47'49"S 47°28'44"E) 11°45'26"S 68°46'35"E 74°  (E) 1500 mi 3:15
Total: 11999 mi 26:02

Code    Source    Location
FXE FAA Fort Lauderdale [Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport], FL, US
YHZ DAFIF Halifax [Intl], NS, CA
RKV AIP Reykjavík, IS
RTM DAFIF Rotterdam, NL
LXR DAFIF Luxor [Intl], EG
ADD DAFIF Addis Ababa [Bole Intl], ET
TNR DAFIF Antananarivo (Tananarive) [Ivato Intl], MG
"end" Earl The anomaly, Indian ocean (map)


Updated: Jul 18, 2009
Copyright © 1994, 2003, 2009, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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