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Lords of Being

by Barry Tannenbaum

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After about 25 years of continuous play, we have set aside the Jack/Pantope multiverse and the FuRPiG rule set to allow the GM a bit of a respite, and everyone a change of scenery. We'll be back, but for now, let us turn to Lords of Being, and Endeavor campaign, designed and run by Earl Wajenberg, and feature characters played by the usual suspects.

The scene opens with a bit of a dust-up at the latest convocation of the Lords of Order and the Lords of Chaos. Nothing major. Just the end of the world, not with a whimper or a bang, neither in fire nor in ice. It just stopped. Poof!

This, apparently is considered a Bad Thing™ by The Powers That Be. As a result, the Eight High Lords of Order and the Inside Gang of Chaos are arrested. In their absence, the angels of nature try to stand in for the Lords and Ladies of Order and Chaos, but their usual job responsibilities are quite different, and the fabric of reality suffers a bit. To help keep things patched together as the outcome of the Higher Courts is worked out, a number of the lower-level functionaries of the Courts of Order and Chaos are charged with tidying up "anomalies". Additionally, a separate group of agents, the Knights of the Periodic Table, are charged with assisting Order and Chaos.

And so enter our players,

As Earl, our frequent chronicler, is GMing, Barry is filling that role, and has supplied us with the following logs:

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