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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 105: Home for Dinner

by Ann Broomhead

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We continue to circumnavigate the island aerially. There are now only a few people on the beach, although they still have the catapult out. Should we try to interact again with the Skull Islanders? Eh… no.

We settle back into the water, and turn (deasil) back to our homeward setting. Our voyage is uneventful. When we are one day out, our captain signals ahead that we will be arriving the following day. It turns out that Lanthil and we are agreed that about three weeks have passed since we left.

The captain leads our academic entourage up to the observation bubble to watch as we arrive at the docks. We spot the flagship of the Lanthilo Coast Guard, which forms up with us to escort us to our berth. The Darkholmians are suitably impressed by Falataal's ship and its maneuvering. Captain Finwë's children, and some of the Lost Boys are there to greet us, and there are carriages and boats to take us up to the castle.

We sort into groups taking the dull, slow, but dry carriages, and those taking the fast, exciting, wet boats. Aldamir brings the Sky Islander, Jethar Telanora, with him to announce our arrival to the Ambassador from the Sky Islands. The Oakley explains that we brought three scholars from Darkholme, and that Jethar has been (quietly) translating for us. He mentions that the youngest scholar is also their primary translator.

The Ambassador observes that they are still damp – from coming up in the boats? Yes. She addresses Jethar. "Perhaps our hosts can give you something dry to wear." Aldamir admits that he does not yet know where he or Jethar will be staying.

Since Eric has been Jethar's most enthusiastic student, the Sky Islander asks to be lodged near him. The soggy group is led into territory more familiar to some of them (Eïr, Eric and Aldamir) and shown their quarters. They are told the schedule of dinners, receptions, suppers, get-togethers… Aldamir selects an almost-appropriate garment, and summons a glamorist to adjust its coloring and trim. He spots an amethyst and leaf pin, obviously a gift left by Daewen, and pins it on. There is a whispering in his ear, "Welcome back, Aldamir. You may use this pin if you do not have access to a telepathy net, or otherwise require assistance." At Aldamir's behest, the glamorist provides a little matching vest for Rillas, his squirrel.

Eïr discovers that her single room has become a suite. The throw rug in front of the door (on which Jacko sleeps) is thick and soft. She too has a leaf medallion waiting for her. There is a box for Jacko: It contains a classic Smee outfit, in the colors of the Silver Service (striped shirt, blue bandana, silver pistols, etc.). There is a note with it; neither one can read. Nick's voice speaks from it, "Should you need this. If you need to have a member of the Silver Service, Jacko may serve as an Able Seaman, First Class, Honorary, of the Silver Service." Jacko is honored. He decides to wear a sword to dinner, but not the uniform.

Eïr selects a fresh grey robe. She puts on her brooch, and receives its message. (It turns out that Jacko was gifted with a gaudy earring, which gave him The Message too.) She slips a dagger inside the garment, in one of its many pockets.

The dwarves find that they have uniforms. With sashes. Wonderful.

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