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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 106: Receiving at the Reception

by Ann Broomhead

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The Captain hurries into town and re-unites with his family. He too finds a silver leaf brooch with an amethyst, and he too listens to the message. He dresses with especial care; after all, the Lady Daëwen will be there. With great reluctance and many apologies, he leaves his children behind, and heads for the castle.

After grudgingly dressing in his dress uniform, Mandorak heads for the Library. He searches for "Skull Island" and for "Lost Boys." There's nothing on Skull Island. Most of the references to Lost Boys relates to the Barrie stories, but there is a journal… Daëwen started a journal on the topic. The first Lost Boys arrived in Lanthil almost as soon as it was founded. As is the way of Chaos, once the first few boys were pulled out of it, more and more showed up. Daëwen's daughters also ventured into Chaos for the purpose of pulling the lost children out of it. Some of the Lost Boys even came out of the Dreamtime. The source of most of them remains unknown. There are rarely any Lost Girls, but those that there are often become the Wendies.

There is nothing about a "Scarlet Cockerel" or "The Cedar." He gives up and heads for the Silver Terrace Dining Room. Other people begin showing up there. Captain Fallataal and some of his crewmembers appear. The Lanthil Wendy, the head Lost Boy, and the Wendy-in-Training (Samantha) arrive, to our Captain's disconcertment. Toma and the Ambassador of the Sky Islands also sweep in. There's the full crew of the Tindomë, some Silvan Elves, and a contingent from the Last Homely House. Later than some of the others, Black Wolf, one of the Amerinds swept in with the buffalo, arrives to welcome the Darkholmians, who arrived at about the same time.

Daëwen announces dinner, and we go in. All the people who are unknown to each other are introduced. Black Wolf is introduced to Captain Finwë by Aelvenstar. Naturally, Finwë describes to him our encounter with the enslaved Amerind-like people on the Port Rouge Island. He goes into our fight against the pirates with the assistance of Jakatoa. Our crew learns that we cannot yet return Black Wolf and the rest of his hunting party to the appropriate place and time in the Americas. (When they first arrived, it was entirely impossible; since his party shot arrows at/into anyone who approached them.) Daëwen arrives with the Darkholmians, and introduces them to Black Wolf.

Then Mirian is there. "Captain Finwë. How have your travels gone?"

"Well. Except the part where we were run out of Darkholme by an angry mob."

"Oh. Are those the Darkholmians there?" She edges away from them when he agrees that they are. He explains to her about the conflict among factions precipitated by our agreements with the Serpent Prince. He points out Sinmel, noshing among the pastries, and explains that she is the sole elf that we were able to rescue from Darkholme. Mirian is 'interested' in the problem of enslaved elves in Darkholme. Finwë then passes on to his discussion with Black Wolf about the enslaved Amerinds we found, and then about the difficulties we encountered on Skull Island. Mirian seems somewhat overwhelmed.

The Ambassador walks over and greets us. Finwë greets her graciously, and assures her that we saw the Sky Island's two ships returning safely home. She smiles, and admits that Jethar had already reported to her. Finwë gives her the summary story of our two visits to Darkholme. We discuss the nature of the factions and the exact status of the Serpent Prince. We muse on whether there are living, or mythic Serpent Kings and Queens.

Daëwen now flitters over. "Was there anyone in particular you wanted to be seated next to, or not seated next to?" This gives him pause. Finwë mentions that Mirian seemed upset to learn about the civil war "that we may have caused" interjects Eïr. Now Daëwen too now seems upset.

Finwë speaks with Sam. She promises him that she is entirely unarmed. (Since she specialty is unarmed combat, this statement is not especially comforting.) He points out that she should be able to curry favor, or at least interest, from Black Wolf, if she were to describe the fight that she and Jakatoa engaged in against the pirates. He does not berate her for not telling him that she was invited to the dinner, so she explains that Daëwen invited her, and that she thought it would be amusing to come.

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