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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 12: Plotting and Looting and Sinking

by Ann Broomhead

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We debate what to do. Do we try to sell the plantation sans workers? Do we book passage on their ship back to the [pirate] town? No. Do we bring our own ship around, deflate the balloon, and sail into the bay?

The Smee, whose real name is Jacko, does not recommend dealing with the putative buyers at all. He does seem amenable to working for us. We wonder about the cook and her assistants, and the three young ladies. We call a conference in the dining room. (It's in better shape than the living room, and is far from the cook's knives.)

Captain Ciryandil explains that the new owners are coming, and we are leaving. He urges them to leave as well. Where would they like to go? The three young ladies confer. Her assistants hover behind the cook. The cook is distressed at the idea of leaving her kitchen; she has no interest in being anything but a cook. We point out that she could become the cook at… some other plantation. Only one of the three girls is a member of Jakar Toka's tribe, but none of them feel that they would be welcomed back home.

Eïr suggests that these six women, if supplied with enough money, could run their own business, such as an inn. Cook agrees. We decide that we'll strip the buildings (especially the kitchen), load the materials into our ship, and leave before the buyers arrive. The captain and the two engineers leave for the ship. Everyone else starts packing.

The Tindomë crew meets some familiar Indians in the forest, and they come with us back to our ship. We fail to explain the situation as we walk, since none of us speak the other's language. We decrypt the engines, and float back over the sea. We wave to the locals as we leave. The ship is lowered into the water, and we head back along the coast to "our" plantation.

While that is happening, we spot a band of Indians off at the edge of the cleared land. Eric and the young Indian lady go out to talk to them. They disappear, then reappear much closer than one would have expected. Eric ascertains that these are Jakar Toka's people, and that these men did take part in the raid. Eric explains that we're packing up Stuff and leaving. They were expecting us to help them in a fight. Hmmm. Eric explains about our limited numbers, and that we'll help them fight some other time. The Indian says, "Jakar Toka," nods, and then says "hello" and runs off into the forest.

We have most things loaded when we see, off in the distance, a ship heading our way. Eric dashes up the hill to the waiting Indians, a group that includes Jakar Toka. Eric explains our plans. Jakar Toka ascertains that, although we will be going away, we are leaving a lot of weapons behind. Jakar Toka gives a musical signal, and Indians, armed with various blunt instruments, pour out from among the trees, and head for the plantation. As they head down, Eric warns her that the powder house is still full of black powder. He can't really explain how to use it, certainly not in two minutes. He explains that the black powder will explode if the barrels of it are set on fire, and suggests using flaming arrows. Jakar Toka asks Eric to set off the explosion.

Everyone except Eric is now on board the Tindomë. Eïr places our passengers on the upper observation deck. Eric sets off a huge explosion, casts off the Lanthilo vessel, and hops on board. We head directly out to sea. Bay uses second sight to observe that the other ship continues to head for the plantation even after the explosion. We continue outbound.

Mandorak uses the telescopic property of the observation window to observe the other ship. It continues to head for the plantation. Since the world is still flat, it does not slip below the horizon. We decide that we should become less observable, so we submerge, with appropriate warnings to our passengers. We turn to port, and head for the pirate town. When last seen, the brig was dropping boats near the dock.

The natives become nervous with the view of water above them, but there is no panic. After an hour, we have moved a significant distance, but the brig hasn't. There is now a spit of land between us. The captain announces, "All hands, prepare for water travel." We surface.

Travel takes many hours. The captain, Mandorak, and various others collapse into bed. Bavör runs the ship. With the arrival of evening, we come upon the bay that holds the pirate town. Bay heaves to, and informs the captain.

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