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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 37: A Room with a Pool

by Ann Broomhead

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We admire the charming view of this quadrant from this sort-of balcony. We discuss what funds we have on us, and whether we need to go back to the ship for more cash. However, it turns out that Eric has several gold coins, and Teller has two. (They clink together with a pleasing tone.) We ask Khazad to take us to Fishilashi's.

The captain asks if we should present Aunt Fishilashi with a gift, before we begin "business." Khazad dodges by saying a gift is generous and always welcome. Finwë then asks if it is proper. Khazad thinks, while the rest of us mull the question over on our telepathy network. We eventually decide that we should treat this as a standard business transaction, one that does not require special gifts. He leads us through the streets of the quarter to Fishilashi's house. The door is open.

We enter, and see an elderly woman wrapped in scarves, saris, shawls, whatever. She greets us incomprehensibly. Captain Finwë responds in his own incomprehensible tongue. He presents the note, and explains that we want lodging. She raises a hand showing three fingers, and Khazad explains she is thinking we'll be there three days. Finwë points out that we could be there longer. She asks how many rooms we'll need. We realize that we'll have to see the rooms first.

She explains that she has many rooms of many sorts. Khazad speaks with her briefly, then explains that he's described us as a sort of diplomatic entourage. We think that's just right. We are led to a suite that seems to suit us well, despite the use of beaded curtains rather than doors, and cushions instead of chairs. Finwë delicately asks about the price, and the financial arrangements. It would be four gold talons per day for room and board. We pay for the first night in advance. The old woman examines each coin with some interest, but accepts them all.

She gives us a tour of our suite. There is a pool of flowing water, which is comparatively warm. (Mandorak tests it.) We invite Khazad to join us for dinner here, and he accepts. We then all head back to our ship, to get our things (at least).

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