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Week 4, Talking to KaiSen

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When last we left our heroes, the Thing had asked for a month to decide. We agree and remember Cantrel had been talking to "Suds" about possibly joining us. We discuss what to do if this happens--what is the value of taking him along. As Ashleigh put it, "It you bring the puppy home, you have to feed it." To give us more data, we decide we want to know how good Suds is as a warrior. We bring Suds and his feeler friend up to the ship for the tour we promised them.

They are impressed by how we beam them up over the pop teleports. We want to test the feeler also, to see how much of our funny stuff he can detect or notice. The feeler notices the areas of Psilence and doesn't' like the "close" feeling it gives him. He notices where the engines are but feels them as a "mind"--"a process that can create processes". He is also impressed by this and likes the idea of mind-creations.

We give them the same basic tour we gave the official group and also feed them to show them what the food is like. They also say it's not fresh, but at least it's fresh...

During the month we wait and train and discover that Hisradish really has no plan on where to go from here. We do some thinking on who/what/how we present the case of the Hierowesch. At the end of the month, we beam back down to the Thinghall and are met by 10 hunters, 2 mothers, 6 knowers. (2 of the hunters are soon to be wanderers.) This is the party they decided to send with us.

We beam them up to the ship and get everyone settled in and then head out, deciding to check out the planet which is the equivalent of New Hierow in this continuum. 1 day out, we pickup a Kendorini ship on our sensors, but we manage to evade then and then loose them and find an empty planet where New Hierow should be. Careful surveillance shows no life, so we let Hisradish decide where head to check out things. He says it is the same geography and guides us to a valley. He says, "It looks like home, without the buildings."

2 hunters, Jarid, Hisradish and Glorian go out to check out the wildlife, etc. The hunters manager to come back with a smallish animal they caught.

Since we are still up in the air over what to do with our delegation, after much discussion, we decide to take them to KaiSen and get his help. One of the ideas we come up with is that the quieter the move of the Hierowesch off the planet, the better their chances for survival. We don't want to attract any Kendorini interest in either of the planets or in what we are doing. It would take us many, many trips to shuttle enough Hierowesch to from a viable culture and colony and we would almost certainly run into Kendorini on one of our trips. We would have to be absolutely totally victorious so no word could get out. This doesn't sound like a job we can handle on our own. So we head off to Helene to consult with KaiSen.. There are no further encounters with Kendorini on the way there.

We get hassled by Co-Dominion customs when we get to Helene. They insist on doing everything by the absolute book. We nicely comply, after beaming down all our illegal aliens into our complex. They send a pilot on board to bring the ship in to dock. He takes one look at the controls and turns to Jeremy. "You do it. It says I have to be here, but it doesn't say I have to run it." Jeremy gets flashy and changes the console and then pilots us down. He gets chewed out afterward by Cantrel for showing off unknown technologies to a flunky of the Co-Dominion.

Ashleigh, Jake, Glorian, Marsina and Hisradish head through the gate to the other Helene where we set up a meeting with KaiSen on rather quick order. We explain to KaiSen that we found the Hierowesch and what the problems are in moving them and offer several suggestions as to technology that might let us move enough of them in 1 or a few trips undetected. Suggestions were: far superior weapons, very good counter measures (a way to hide), finesse problem by stacking them like cordwood, scaling them down in size, using a gateway like ours, etc.

KaiSen says he can help with very good counter measures (Romulan cloaking devices at least we hope) and helping us to move them in larger number (stacking them like cordwood). He even thinks he can wiggle around the time embargo, and may supply us with up-time technology.

Created: 23-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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