and The Art of the Pin-up

This page is dedicated to cheesecake -- pictures of provocatively clad, sexually attractive women.

This specifically does not include pornography. Cheesecake's subjects are attractive people, not body parts nor sexual activity. The model is 'provocative' not obscene.

Since these pages include small examples of Cheesecake, they should be considered "Parental Guidance Suggested" because they contain artistically presented partial nudity, and I have included PICS labels on them that will be recognized as such by five of the major ratings systems. They have not, however, been rated by any outside service or agency.

If limited nudity in an artistic context offends you, please don't proceed any further. Thank you.

There are two copies of these pages on the Web. The main copy is found on my site. A second copy exists at InternetDump. The version is the one listed with the Pin-up Webring and on my home page. The InternetDump site is older and was the first place that I moved my Pin-up pages when they became so popular that my ISP was going to charge me commercial rates for it.


This first page covers early cheesecake from the Gibson Girl, September Morn and Raphael Kirchner through George Petty and Alberto Vargas.

Origins of Cheesecake

This page looks into the origins of Cheesecake in the advertising posters, magazines and calendars from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. I cover artists such as Cheret, Mucha, Gibson, Kirchner and Vargas.

Classic Cheesecake

This page starts up where the previous left of, with a comparison of Kirchner and Vargas, but this time looking at their work that is clearly pin-up art. From there we move to Petty and Vargas in Esquire, as well as other classic cheesecake such as Mozert, Moran and Elvgren.

Age of Photos

In the 40's and early 50's, photographic pin-ups came to the front. This page covers Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Playboy and the Page 3 Girl.

Playboy and Beyond

This page continues to examine the Playboy era looking into the work of artists such as Vargas, Aslan, Nagel, Olivia and Sorayama.

Comics Etc.

This page picks up the story with Dave Stevens and the Bettie Page revival. It covers Stevens, Bettie, Greg Theakston, Jim Silke, "Rusty", Adam Hughes.

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