Stickers On Our Luggage

One of the amusing features that Earl posted regularly for us was a list entitled "Stickers on our luggage", a listing of all the worlds that the group travelled to aboard the Pantope. In later editions of this, he kept track not only of the places, but of the time as well. This is the final Pantope Stickers on our luggage, from a Pantope.Notes entry dated November 27, 1989:

Here is a final summary of all the places we've been since boarding the pantope:


the Captain and Number One picked up Cantrel, Pfusand, Tom Noon, Dr. Wu, David Hunter, Aphron, Simson the Teldai, and Mario the Achel, then go into stasis and system-crash respectively, leaving two segments and a list of coordinates

Holocaust World (4 weeks on pantope, 6 weeks in the field):

lost Mario the Achel and Simson the Teldai, picked up Lorelei, picked up 3rd segment (having started with 2 of 13)

Eilythry World (4 weeks on pantope, 4 weeks in the field):

played with timelocks, picked up 4th segment

Hong Kong, 1936 (1 week on pantope, 1 week in the field):

picked up Victoria, picked up 5th segment

Cartoon World (4 weeks on pantope, 8 minutes in the field):

we all translated into cartoon animals; picked up Fogi, picked up 6th segment

Gwennedd, 1114 (4 weeks on pantope, 7 weeks in the field):

picked up & lost Mark, we all regenerated as Deryni or latent-Deryni

Gwennedd, 1093-4 (5 weeks on pantope, 38 weeks in the field):

played with timelocks, picked up 7th segment, Tom regenerated as Eo-human

Middle Earth (2 weeks in pantope and field mixed):

lost Fogi, picked up Daewen, Alag and Christopher, misplaced Aphron, Victoria took maternity leave (to have Tyrel), Pfusand regenerated as Beorning

Hremish Empire (43 in the field + 26 weeks in stasis):

lost pantope, diadem-detector, David, and Tom; Pfusand translated into a talking panda, Cantrel into a "hero," Alag and Daewen into Faar (then transformed back); recovered pantope

South Seas, 1872 (10 weeks on pantope, 12 in the field):

lost pantope, resurrected Tom; Pfusand regenerated into Naza again, Cantrel into a Deryni/Melior; picked up Sophie and Nate; we all died

Eastmarch (17 weeks in the field):

all resurrected in our original forms; got a lift to Hremish world from Elias of the multi-mundane Golden Boar Tavern.

Hremish Empire (a few minutes in Gorlach's tower):

recovered diadem detector and pantope

Middle Earth (23 weeks on the pantope; 10 weeks in field and pantope mixed):

Pfusand had a 20-yr marriage & kid in ten minutes, then regenerated as male Beorning; Chris and Sophie regenerated as elves; lost Wu and Nate in coma; played scale and sequence tricks; picked up 8th segment

CoDominion, 2745-50 (13 weeks on the pantope, 68 weeks in the field)

parallel history; Nate recovered and went home to Boston 1872; everted pantope; played tricks with scales and remote doors; met Elias again; met "Henderson" from Hong Kong 1872 home timeline; picked up 9th segment

Turtle World (20 weeks on the pantope, 11 weeks in the field)

Chris and Sophie got married; picked up 10th segment; Tom lost & re-grew a hand; we terraform a planet on CoDominion timeline

New York, 1984 (8 weeks on pantope, 3 days in the field)

met "Henderson" again; picked up 11th segment; chased segment's guardian across time and threw him in stasis

Fiction-Image line, 1894 (12 weeks on pantope, 9 weeks in the field)

parallel history; picked up Jonathan; met characters from Victorian fiction; picked up 12th segment

Cretaceous India (15 weeks on the pantope and running, 1 week in the field)

Lorelei took out a year (2006-7) to have a baby (Nicholas Jonathan MacHerron); met Henderson; stumbled across Aphron & slapped him into stasis; picked up Gene; picked up 13th & last segment; revived Captain

Temporal fractal fine structure (seconds)

disposed of diadem

Pantope (4 weeks aboard)

dropped off Jonathan in Fiction-Image London & picked up Ashleigh and Jake in Fiction-Image India, 1898; left Fogi in Fiction-Image Hollywood & picked up Wu in Tombstone, 1943; resurrected David; picked up worldbender guard & dropped him off in Gwennedd; dropped off David & Aphron back on the Jack, 25th century; dropped off Pfusand on Akon-naza, 28th century; dropped off Daewen somewhere in the 300th century; the rest disembarked on Helene, 25th-century homeline and 28th-century CoDominion line, jointly.


The crew disembarking the pantope are Cantrel, Victoria and their son Tyrel, Tom Noon, Lorelei McHerron and her son Nicholas, Alag, Chris and Sophie Marlowe, Gene Pearce, and Ashleigh St.Clair and Jake Carter.

133 weeks in the pantope, 224 in the field, 357 weeks total
  2.56 years                4.31 years        6.87 years
The Jack campaign began in late June 1983.
The Pantope campaign began in mid-May 1984.
The Diadem went away 10 October 1989.