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The group's second pantope adventure takes place on the homeworld of a race called the Eilythry. The setting is very like Twelfth Century Europe, except for the presence of the mysterious Eilythry. Like the previous adventure, this was based on a scenario taken from Steve Jackson's Space Gamer magazine. And like the previous adventure, this one was the scene of a tragedy. Less personal than the loss of the Teldai, this one was to haunt Tom Noon, the party's ethicist, for years. It is also the scene of their first and perhaps most audacious time-loop and the legendary "God Gambit".

The adventure is based in part (chapters 5 through 9) on "The Haunting of Harkwood" by Aaron Allston, which appeared in issue 63, May-June 1983, of The Space Gamer. The icon in the corner of these pages is taken from one of John Borkowsy's illustrations for the scenario. The article and the illustrations are copyright 1983, Steve Jackson Games.

Cantrel's capture at the beginning of the adventure was due to his player, Dave Scheifler, being on vacation for an entire month. My theory was that he would get captured and the party would leave him in the dugeon until Dave returned. If they ran through the whole thing before he got back we could role play his rescue. Alternatively, if when Dave returned they were still trying to get the segment, he could escape his prison and join them. Silly me! The players were much too much in character to leave Cantrel imprisioned, so we spent four weeks rescuing him, an adenture which I still rate as one of the most entertaining ever.

Created: 23-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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