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Earth Helene Cheapside ~2750

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The setting of this adventure is, perhaps, a little Star-Trek-like. The technology is about the same level as that universe of the Jack, but Psi is much less signifigant, and we find Earth's Confederation involved in conflict with an alien race called the Kendorini. Mankind has explored in a totally different direction through the galaxy than in the players home-line, and so many of the alien races that they are familiar with, particularly Kai Sen, are unknown, replaced by other races unknown or only rumored in their line.

The party's efforts to establish a cover in this world are quite detailed, and so even after the adventure is done, they will return many times to the CoDominion line and it will become one of their major bases of operations, along with the Jack, Helene in the Jack line and The First Summer lands, the faery realm to which Daewen and her family retire before finding their own home in Lanthil.

In terms of the Diadem Quest, the nature of the Diadem itself begins to become an important part of the story. They are becoming more facile in dealing with the Diadem and the Segments and that's just as well, becuase these later Segments are becoming something of a challenge in and of themselves. They lay the groundwork here for the solution to their problems in the next adventure, retrieving the Juju from Turtleworld.

Created: 23-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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