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The Tuesday Night FuRPiG Game

Pantope Logs:


Holocaust World

The Eilythry

Hong Kong


Deryni Gwenedd

Middle Earth


The South Seas


Back to Hreme

Exploring The Pantope

Back to Middle Earth

The CoDominion

Turtle World

New York City

Classical London

On the Dance of Hours


Back to the Pantope

Back to the Dinosaurs

Dumping the Diadem

Cross Time Logs:


Back to Jack

Saving the Hierowesch

Allied Epochs

Off to See the Wizard

Search for Holmes


For more than twenty years I've been hosting a weekly fantasy role playing game (variously called FRPs or RPGs). In June of 1983, we started a series of adventures that continues to today. We play using a home-brewed rule set called FuRPiG. Ever since this series of campaigns began, the adventures have been logged. I hope to post all of those logs and the other available game material here

There have been four major campaigns in the game. It started on a lost space station in a distant solar system, a station called "The Jack" because its shape is like that of a child's jack. After a couple of years of adventures aboard the Jack, the party met "The Captain", mysterious owner of "The Dance of Hours", a kind of interdimensional craft called a "pantope". The Captain was dying and the Universes needed saving. Over then next several years, the party travelled in the pantope to many universes. Their enemies throughout this period were the World Benders, whom they finally defeated.

Having saved the universes, they returned the Dance of Hours to the Captain, and formed a group called "Cross-Time". They began to build their own pantope using both advanced science and magic, a combination that is perhaps their signature. After several adventures, a number of the party settled in "Old Faerie", where they are known as the "New Blood". Now, after a few years, they are travelling again.

Weekly logs

Most of the logs I have were written Earl Wajenberg. Jon Callas and Tim Lasko have also contributed. I've made mild edits to the logs that follow, but remember that this is the Party's log and not the Game Master's. I don't claim that they always understood exactly what happened, and some amount of speculation is always present.

Jack Logs

Logs exist for the Jack campaign, but only on paper, so far as we can tell. We may scan them in if no on-line copies can be found. Will anyone who has Jack logs please contact me at: brons@eldacur.com .

Pantope Logs

The logs for most of the Pantope Campaign were stored in a Notes conference at DEC. My wife Selma and Andy Robinson have done most of the work of converting them to HTML. Evelyn Holmes has made space available for storing the Pantope and Cross Times logs. The New Blood logs are stored on the "Burrowses" site which we use for genealogy stuff (they were previously on Selma's site). They are spread out over several people's sites because of their size and the disk and bandwidth limitaions that I've run into occassionally.

Cross Time Logs

Once the party had completed the Quest for the Diadem, they revived the Captain, who wanted the Dancer back. He helped to set them up with an interdimensional gate between their home universe and that of the Co-Dominion. They established bases on the Jack and both versions of the planet Helene where the gateway was. On the Jack they were known as The Jack Patrol -- Cross Time Office. Eventually they built a pantope of their own -- The Fast Times. The following logs record their adventures during this period.
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May 15, 1996