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Eastmarch was the setting of my original role playing game which ran for four or five years starting in 1976. When I had the party get lost from the pantope I sketched out several different ways for them to get back, a few of which lead through Eastmarch and its neighboring worlds.

Separating them from the pantope meant depriving them of the autodoc, which made the risk of character death higher than normal. Added to this I decided to pit them against a younger version of Nguyen Cat, whom they were time-locked against killing. This further increased the chance of one or more characters dying, so I had made the decision that if more then one of them died during the journey I would arrange to kill them all off and then have them awake at the Well of Souls in Eastmarch, which had been how player characters arrived in the game in my original campaign.

I was prepared to run for quite a while in Eastmarch, or in Hreme, as they were two of my most fully developed worlds. The party, however, chose a path that I had determined from the start would be a fast track out of Eastmarch.

The character of Alior Nuss, the Captain's colleague in the original hiding of the diadem segments, and the design of his pantope were Earl's invention. Elias, the inn keeper at the Golden Boar, and the Boar's nature as a gateway between worlds were part of the original Eastmarch. What Earl didn't know was the relationship between the two.

The character Lavalon, mentioned so glowingly by Boomer, was Dave Scheifler's original PC in the Eastmarch campaign, and Boomer himself was one of my favorite NPCs from that game.

Created: 23-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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