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Search for Sherrinford Holmes

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Wherein the party returns to the continuum known as either the "Literary Line" or the "Classical Line", wherein much of the fiction from the Jack and Co-Dominion lines (and ours) is fact, more or less. It isn't at all clear which way the causality runs, whether life in one line mimics or inspires fiction in the other line. The reality of the Literary Line and the fiction of the home lines don't always match entirely. Either the authors in the homelines embelished or misunderstood Literary reality, or the Literary line is only losely affected by the other lines fiction.

Two members of the party, Ashleigh Holmes and Jake Carter are natives of the Literary Line. Neither is known in otherworldly fiction, but Ashliegh's brothers are Sherrinford and Mycroft Holmes. "Sherrinford Holmes" was the name that Arthur Conan Doyle originally used for Sherlock Holmes. Interestingly, Sherrinford, whose middle name is "Locksley", used the first syllables of his given names to create his wire address: "Sherlock". Is this the source for Doyle's final name for the Great Detective or the Literary Line's way of retaining it.

Created: 23-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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