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The transition to Hreme starts a new period in the party's adventure. Until now, they've had moderate control over their jumps from world to world, and were able to maintain periodic contact with the pantope. This time they've jumped into an unknown world and have no idea how to get back home. It will be nearly a year for the players before they see the pantope again and then only briefly (see chapter 29). After that death and accident mark their next few transitions between worlds.

Hreme, they will learn, is a fantasy world of myth, magic and talking anthropomorphic animals. To get to it, they have passed through a portal with a small but noticible translation tube. The elves have gone from being taller than humans to only half their size. Pfusand will become a talking Panda, and the Hremish locals all seem to agree that Cantrel is a Hero, with a Capital H, as if that were a race.

The known world on Hreme consists of a single great continent which in some ways parallels Eurasia and Africa. The northwestern sub-continent is shaped like the head and forequarters of a rhinocerous, and is dominated by the Empire of Hreme. Hreme itself is a city in the southern portion of this sub-continent. Like Rome on many of the world-lines they know, Hreme was named after one of a pair of legendary brothers. Tom speculates that in this world Remus, not Romulus was the city founder.

Just to the east of the Hremish Empire is The Golden Valley a place populated with satyrs, fauns, pegasi, and centaurs. It reminds the players of Pastoral segment of the movie Fantasia. There are also stone giants, wizards and giant figures that appear to be part of a giant chess game of the gods. Beyond the Valley, at the eastern end of the continent, the cultures are similar to those of China and Japan, though populated with anthropomorphic cats and pandas along with dragons, and oriental humans.

When they travel into the northern end of the southern sub-continent, they find it like mythic Arabia, and hear hints that its southern end parallels sub-Saharan Africa.

Created: 24-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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