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Since my Macintosh PowerBook goes with me everywhere, I tend to do my doodling at meetings etc. on it. This has resulted in a collection of about four dozen icons that I've distributed as freeware. The icon of me in the welcome paragraph of my home page is one of the first of these. The icons are available in following forms:

[Jim-in-the-Box ICON] JimB's Macintosh icons as ResEdit resources (about 69K)
Click on the Jim-in-the-Box icon (thanks to my son Brendan for giving its obvious name) to get them as a Macintosh ResEdit resource file.

[Jim-in-the-folder ICON] JimB's Macintosh icons as folders (about 87K)
Click on the JimB's Folders icon to get them as a set of Macintosh files each having one of the icons pasted on it as a custom icon.

[Jim-Webbed ICON] JimB's icons as GIFs on a Web page (about 71K)
Click on the JimB on the Web icon to go to a Web page that has the 8-bit versions of the icons as GIFs that can be downloaded individually.
Warning: This page has 60 gifs on it (including the 9 in the border to the left. Some browsers take a long time to load it.

[Jim-Zipped ICON] JimB's icons as Zip File (about 61K)
Click on the JimB's Zip file icon to retrieve a zip file containing all three sets of GIFs. I have successfully unzipped these on a Windows NT system using both UNZIP and WinZIP. PKUNZIP didn't preserve the directory hierarchy and ended up with duplicate file name problems.

I haven't had any problems using unzip on UNIX to unpack this archive. If you do, let me know (

Icon Information
JimB's Icons is a set of four dozen freeware icons, largely of people. The subjects and styles vary. Some are portraits of friends or historical figures. Some are caricatures. They were originally developed as Macintosh icon resources. Most come as an icon family consisting of a black and white icon (an ICN# resource), 16-color or greyscale icon (icl4), and a 256 color icon (icl8). A few also have small icons (ics8, ics4 and ics# resources) as well as large. The icons use the standard Apple icon colors.

They are also availble as GIFs in three formats: 256 colors, 16 colors or greys, and black and white on a grey background. The backgrounds in all three formats are set to be transparent. The color palettes have been minimized to include only the colors actually used in the icon.

Licensing information
JimB's Icons are freely licensed for private or commercial use. I am asking no fee to use them. The only condition is that if you make use of them commercially, I want some form of credit in your documentation, help or about box. Naturally, if you want to repay me in money or in kind, I wouldn't turn it down. The icons may be a result of my doodling and just a hobby, but I love appreciation. Who doesn't?


Updated: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
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