Eldacur.com is the Internet domain of Eldacur Technologies, my permanent base of operations on the network.

"Eldacur" comes from the elvish "eldacuru" (Sindarin from Quenya ) meaning "the skill of the elves" (elda = elf, curu = skill). It is sometimes translated as "the cleverness of the elves". Eldacur is that something extra that the elves manage to put into the things that they do and make that makes them special. The peculiar deftness of foot that allows an elf to run atop the snow without breaking through or leaving tracks is eldacur. The subtlety of weaving that renders their cloaks near-perfect camoflage in field and wood is eldacur.

Eldacur should not be confused with magic. It involves no rituals, spells, conjuring or enchantments. It is, rather, the special subtle quality that enhances elven work, and is wholly natural to them. While quite different from magic, eldacur has been said to be related to elven glamour, that subtle art by which elves alter the appearences, and mix the otherworldly with the mundane. None but the elves know for sure how eldacur and glamour relate.

Eldacur Technologies is a loose organization of artists and artisans who owe their inspiration and skill in some small way to the cleverness and subtlty of the elves. It is not, at least as yet, a for-profit corporation. Rather it is an association which acts as a home base, a context for exploring and creating. It owes its origins in some part to Jim Burrows, Jon Callas, Evelyn Holmes, Eglantine MacRory, Christopher Marlowe, Nicholas Marlowe-MacHerron and Earl Wajenberg, any or all of whom may work under its imprimatur at one time or another.

[eL/T logo] The Eldacur Technologies logo plays off the fact that the tengwar letter L looks a lot like an uncial T. It consists of the first sylable of "Eldacur" superimposed on the first letter of "Technologies". When a tengwar font is available, Eldacur Technologies is often written bilingually. Using our own Eldacur Tengwar TrueType font with the uncial font Kelt, the banner at the top of this page could be rendered as:

Eldacur Technologies (TM)

or, jazzing it up a bit:

Eldacur Technologies (TM)

Using the proposed Unicode encoding for the Tengwar, and a suitable font such as Code2000 or Code2001, as I have for this paragraph, one might write "Eldacur" as  or  or even . The first uses the convention of placing the vowel over the following consonant, which works well for English. The second uses the more commmon elvish convention of placing the vowel over the preceding consonant, necesitating a place-holder under the "E". It also replaces the"L" and "D" with the "" which is often used to represent "LD". The third reverts to the vowel over the following consonant, but replaces "" with "". I prefer the first simply because an "" looks like an uncial "T", which works so well in our logo.