The Family of
James Lowell Burrows
Selma Lavelle Brown

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5 March 1995

These pages have not been updated in several years and are no longer up to date with our current database. Our new site can be found here.

Jim & Selma Burrows

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These pages were generated automatically from my computerized family database. The software I was using at the time that this data was collected could only deal with direct ancestors and their immediate families. I have since moved to PAF, the Personal Ancestor File software from the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS or the Mormons) and thence to GEDitCOM, an excellent Mac program.

Table of Contents

This section, which is the preface to the natural language family listings, describes the formatting and conventions used in those pages.
Family Listings
These pages are the natural language listings of my database. The main text of each page was generated by computer. Some day I want to adapt the code that does this to deal with either PAF or GEDCOM data.
This page contains an ahnentafel listing of the family. (In an ahnentafel each family in the database is listed on a single line. The entries are sorted by generation.)
Family Tree
This page is a crude ASCII version of a graphical family tree.
Time Line
This is another crude ASCII chart. This one graphs the known and estimated lifespans of the people in the database. It was designed as a 132 column landscape lineprinter report. Lines based on actual dates are drawn with equal signs, and those based on computer-generated estmated dates are shown with minus signs.
Age Statistics
This page lists the people in the database, their birth and death dates, and their ages at the times of their marriages, deaths and births of their first and last children. This chart, like the preceding one, uses computer estimated dates for the ages if the actual dates aren't known.

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