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Jim & Selma Burrows

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This is a genealogy of the family of James Lowell Burrows and Selma Lavelle Brown. Much of the text in this document is computer-generated; it is derived from a working data base. The data base is always being updated, so the version of the document you now have is NOT a final draft. Instead, it represents the state of knowledge as of 5 March 1995.

The genealogy is divided into sections, one section for each family. Each section includes:

The index contains entries for each person who appears in the data-base, and optionally for those listed in the passage written by the researcher. There is a main entry for each surname, with a sub-entry for each individual. Women are listed by their maiden names; widows who re-marry are listed both by their maiden names and by the surnames of their first husbands. If Alma Trowghastly marries Largo Hiatus and then, after his demise, marries Hubert Dawdle, she is listed under "Trowghastly" and "Hiatus" but not under "Dawdle."

If a surname contains more than one word (for instance, "de la Tante"), the index uses the last word of the name. So PlumÄ de la Tante is listed under "Tante". This is because people often drop these small prefixes from one generation to the next. However, the chapter title uses the fullest form of the name ("de la Tante"), including all the lowercase words preceding the last word.

The computer includes any hyphens, apostrophes, and interior capitals when looking for the the last word in a name. "O'Clockley" comes under O, not C. "Nerve-Fluttering" comes under N, not F. "FitzTightly" comes under F, not T.

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