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Week 3, Tour of the Ship

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We beam down to the Thing hall and get Cantrel who's been hobnobbing with the locals. Ashleigh in a very diplomatic manner basically puts the ball into their court, so they must tell us what they have decided. The Mother (#2 possibly) says, "We are sending up a small group--3 hunters and 2 knowers." They want to know how long this will take, hours, days, weeks? We reassure them this will only take a matter of hours to show them the ship and we agree to meet back here in 2 hours in front of the Thing hall.

We all stay on planet, except Alag who goes back up to glamour some alarms on areas we have marked as dangerous and to lay a couple false trails as well. The same young male who was talking to Cantrel before (nick-named "Suds" for having tried decayed vegetable matter called beer) approaches and ask how open we are to having others visit the ship. Basically none of us have any problems with this, but to be diplomatic, we suggest it take place after we do the official tour.

At the end of the allotted time, Hierowesch start to gather. There are 3 groups of 3 hunters, many knowers and a few females. 3 hunters are assigned as representatives. They appear to be mostly innocuous, not the biggest or most dominant hunters. 2 knowers are also assigned to us. We ask for names and get told them. We decide Raoul is the leader of the hunters. The knowers are surprised at our wanted to know their names, and the best the translator can do with what they call themselves is "brother" and "sir".

Raoul asks if this place we are going to is our Thing hall. Ashleigh says yes and that we will show them where they can leave their weapons when we get there. Cantrel, Glorian and Jarid go up first as a precaution and then the rest of us follow with the Hierowesch. When we get to the transporter room on the ship, Ashleigh indicates that the door out is the entryway to our Thing hall and they should leave their weapons here. Raoul points out that he sees no other weapons here, implying that we may be carrying weapons in the Thing hall, so Alag glamours up a weapons rack with some weapons on it and the hunters leave behind their staves, but keep their knives on their belts. This is okay, since we can't ask them to leave their claws behind either and Glorian and Jarid are armed and only just out of sight. Alag is armed and very out of sight as always.

We show them the boring stuff first--dorms and holds and galley, etc. Moving on to the move interesting stuff, they get to meet Jeremy on the Bridge. Raoul is curious about what sort of creature he is. We explain he is a knower and used the machine to help him. They appear to be impressed by the fact that we provide for handicapped among our people.

We give them a show of things on the bridge. The knowers talk in a sort of shorthand as they watch the screens and displays. We show them maps of the fauns and their locations, we do some zoom ins on faun cities and the like. We show them the stars around the ship and their sun. There is much chatter among them and we can catch a few phrases like "night air" and "sun". We show them a site of another group of Hierowesch and after thinking about it, they think they know where that is.

We are going to give them some maps of their land. They ask about the "islands" we had talked about and get a elementary lesson on Astronomy and then they understand more about where they might be going. The knowers ask about other peoples from other worlds. We show them a series of pictures of various alien races from this continuum. One knower says "Interesting" when he sees the Kendorini. This is apparently because the Kendorini are very unlike humans. We discuss the various sorts of races to be found, etc.

We offer to feed them and show them a meal when they express curiosity about the sort of foods we eat and what would be available if they leave. We make a meal and share it with them and they find the food not too bad we gather "Too bad it's not fresh, but at least it is fresh." is one sentence the translator has a bit of problem with. One of the knowers is rather curious and tries many sorts of foods we offer.

We escort them back to the transporter and beam them down along with Cantrel, Jarid, Ashleigh and Glorian. The knowers talk to the knowers and the hunters report to the Mothers. The mothers say they believe what we have told them and want to know what the time frame is for things to happen. Ashleigh asks are they interested in leaving, if so we would then begin preparations. the Mothers say they think they should start on the path.

Hisradish says he doesn't know what he wants to do next, but that having a delegation of them along with us would be good to help present their cause. He knows he needs to find some sort of a large political body to persuade to rescue the Hierowesch.

We decide we can easily wait around a month for them to decide on a delegation. They have some things to decide and will need the time. They are not sure of what or who should be in the delegation and may need to make rather momentous changes to decide this.

We ask for a spot to camp, but Footeater doesn't want us to attract the fauns and so we decide we can stay on the ship. We will come down daily in case they have questions we need to answer.

Created: 23-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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