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Week 5, Moving the Hierowesch

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When last we left our heroes, they were getting help from KaiSen in relocating the Hierowesch on the Co-Dominion timeline. We have also been discussing getting some Hierowesch "ringers" -- modern (to KaiSen) Hierowesch to help with the settlement and relocation. he says it will take a few weeks. He also says that he may get a couple within even hours.

KaiSen comes up with some medical gear for us that are boxes about twice as big as a casket, which we can use to put them on ice. She's also trying to get some Hierowesch technicians, otherwise we have to do something else to run the things for a couple weeks.

We have to do a bunch of work to get these things loaded, but hey.

Alag goes to talk to KaiSen about food, seeds, etc. to go along. Yes, one of the experts KaiSen is trying to bring in is an ecologist who knows about mainline New Hierow (a.k.a. Old New Hierow). Also, Alag is wondering if a couple of the bandicoons might want to join up with us, too. She'll check, and maybe they will, but sounds tentative.

We bring Jeremy across to get instructions on how to reassemble the cloaking device. A nameless human being and several KaiSen units teach him, and impress upon us that we're to conceal it. We even get a second power supply to back up the first with. The GM is disgusted, but we know how to hit all of KaiSen's hot buttons.

KaiSen comes through later with our team of ringers, and did it carefully enough that no one really knows what's going on. It consists of twelve of them, and they have a lot of gear, including seeds, soil, animals, computer gear, etc.

We actually end up with 1023 pods. The cloaking device is not good close up in visual (but Alag says he can take care of that), but at a distance and via most forms of sensing, it's gone. Lastly, we also get a really nice Autochef.

It takes about a month for all of this to come together, and we make sure that some of our delegation meets with the Hierowesch team and with KaiSen.

We discuss how to pick up the 4000 Hierowesch that we need to move, we learn that we need to visit several towns and pick people up. We discuss with all parties how to flit from town to town acquiring people. Our plan is to move several villages, and we are going to move the original village and overlap things as much as possible.

On the first trip out, we detect far away a Kendorini ship. We outrun them without even having to turn on the cloaking device.

We go to Hierow, and we convince the town easily. the ringers help a lot. We end up running a few people with in staterooms who are phobic. The cloaking device works wonderfully, and we get there without incident. We start setting up the first town.

They tell us that in the future, maybe we should put extra capacity with animals.

On the second trip (getting back to Hierow detecting a blip at the end of range, but is only likely a ship) takes a while to negotiate, but another town decides to come. We get several hundred people and a couple hundred animals. A couple of the scholars want to stay there at an area where we're not going to be, so they can observe people who are likely not coming.

The second wave comes, and find that there's a bunch of sick people. Realistically (to Ashleigh and Jake, who come from an era of real diseases), this isn't a problem, but it's making schedules slip, and the ringers are annoyed. The ringers say to take our time.

So far, we've spent a couple months of time on the first two waves. We do rearrangement of personnel to help cope with the minor disease crisis.

We get there and find that the Faun have torched our town. We manage to find our negotiating team, and find the remnants of the town, and we scan and scout for the rest of the survivors.

We go to find a large town and a monastery, since all we have a survivors from our other team. Amazingly enough, the town survivors do not need much talking to convince them to leave.

We get back, the disease is not under control, a couple people have been lost, but it's still manageable. Glorian stays behind to help with the disease and teach sleep control.

The fourth team went very well. Pickup also is flawless, and there are no problems in the transfer. The plague is making small or no progress, but other things are going better.

The fifth run also goes well, and the medical problem is finally under control. They know what's going on and are in the process of wiping the disease out.

So here we are, with 4000 people, and it looks like it's really a good thing that we have the survivors, as they are turning into the team that works with the ringers. We are now considering doing one last town to pick up a bunch of small villages to help cement the whole thing together.

Looking for small towns, we are also looking for more remnants of Faun raids. We find one, and Faun show up in the area. We manage to avoid a fight, and avoid the problem. It's touch and go, and the Faun never find out about the aliens. But that goes through, and mission is accomplished.

Lastly, among all this, Ashleigh and Marsina have been on Helene, building a time machine.

Created: 23-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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