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Literary London

The "Classics" come alive.

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Having played in the New York sewers of comic book and TV fantasy, the party moves to Victorian London, the home of Holmes and Dracula, Challenger and Quatermain. The world they find themselves in is, in fact, exactly the one portrayed in so many great novels. Well, perhaps not exactly. It is a bit more like the one in which the real events that inspired Doyle, Haggard, Stoker and the others, or one in which the novels have sprung to life, and take a life all their own. I have never let the party know which of those two models I run the world by, but it's clear that it is a world closely tied to the fiction of our world.

Here the names are similar but occasionally different. The Great Detective is name "Sherrinford", Alan Quartermain has an additional R in his name. They meet several of Doyle's characters, and of Haggard's. They fight vampires in Carlfax Abbey, and unspeakable horrors that might have given Lovercraft a bad dream or two. This was a favorite setting of mine and the party has returned there, and a couple of them even come from there.

Created: 24-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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