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New York 1984

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This adventure takes place under the streets of New York City in 1984. It isn't quite our NYC, though. The setting, per se, is taken more or less straight out of the Beauty and the Beast TV show, but there are more exceptional characters that just the beast, Vincent. partially because of the number of magical and psychical characters in the party, and partially because I love comic books, I added several other characters with special powers. They don't wear spandex costumes like they do in the comic books, but basically we have a bunch of comic book superhumans hiding out in the sewers of the Beauty and the Beast.

I like running games that are based on movies, like the "Nate and Hayes"-based South Seas 1872 and Bruce Lee Hong Kong adventures, or literature, like Middle Earth, Deryni Gwenedd, and Victorian London (our next adventure). Settings like that make it easy to visualize the setting and to know what's going on off-stage. Stories from video media, especially ones that I am familar with but the players are not are particularly effective.

So, go with them now as they face Vincent, Whizzer, Vlad and the otgher denizen's of the sewers of New York...

Created: 24-May-98
Copyright © 1998, Jim Burrows. All Rights Reserved.

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