How'd I get here?

You are probably on this page because you clicked on one of the page styles in the navigation section of one of my web pages and you have Javascript disabled.

Do I really need JavaScript?

No, you don't need JavaScript for my web pages. You may need it for other pages that you visit, but at least here in the Eldacur Technologies and Nerd Corner realms it's used only for special effects.

What am I missing?

As I said above the most likely reason for being here is that you tried to use my page style setting feature in the navigation bar. As viewed in most of my page styles, it looks something like this:

Clicking on one of the items in the list should change the way my page appears. There are three 2-column basic styles and one single column style. The four styles look something like this:



The Blues

Full Width

"Gradient" is my main style and maintains pretty much the same color scheme as was used in my original web page and in my Eldacur Anteak Kaleidoscope scheme. "Midnight" is a scheme that I use for some of my more science-fictional pages such as my StarGen solar system generator. "The Blues" is used largely for my genealogical pages, especially my great-grandmother Iona Blue's family. "Full Width" is used for pages that have very wide tables such as my pedigree chart and some of my La Maupin sections.

Generally any page that really needs a certain style has that style as its default, but since some readers may prefer one of the styles or—shudder—dislike one of my styles, I provided a mechanism that uses JavaScript and cookies to let you choose a preferred style that is maintained from page to page and visit to visit. Without JavaScript you're stuck with my choice of styles. That shouldn't be a big deal.

Also, if you click on the corner HeroMachine icon on most of my styled pages, JavaScript is used to take you to a web page giving a bit of info on the icons. Again, nothing too important and you can get to it from here.