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The Tuesday/Friday Night FuRPiG Game

Part 2: The further Adventures

New Blood Logs:

Tom Noon's Tale


In Chaos

Voyages of the Nones



Mother Goose Chase

Ancient Oz


Adventures of the Munch

Lanthil & Beyond

The Interregnum

The Pantope campaigns took a breather for about two years while Tim Lasko ran a Space 1889 game. When we resumed, a moderate amount of time had passed for the characters. Additionally, several of them had been showing up in a MUCK called "The Dreamtime" run inside Digital Equipment Corporation for a a couple of years. The events that happened there, whether they were played out before or during the time when we were run Space 1889 are all taken to have happened during this period.

At present, only Earl has written up what happened to his character during this period. I hope others will follow suit.

"New Blood" Logs

I've tenatively named this era in the logs after "The New Blood", the extended family of self-made elves many of whom live in or around Vinyagarond ([Vinyagarond]from the Quenya: vinya = new, agar = blood, rond = hall with arched roof) in Old Faerie. There is considerable overlap between this group and the Jack Patrol, Dancer's crew, and the Cross Time Office. Their first adventure started at Vinyagarond, and quickly took them to New Europa. Please feel free to come up with a more euphoneus name for the logs of this era.

The world of "New Europa" is the setting of the Fantasy RPG,"Castle Falkenstein", and is yet another Victorian F&SF setting. Nineteenth Century F&SF seems to be one of the venues that we return to regularly. We have been to the South Pacific in 1872 with Nate & Hayes, to the London of Sherrinford and Ashleigh Holmes, and now New Europa. Also, all three campaigns that we have run while the Pantope/Jack campaigns have been on hiatus, have been Victorian (two Space: 1889 campaigns run by Earl and Tim and a Lost Worlds campaign run by me).

As the Lanthil adventures drew to a close, several players said that after 20+ years of continuous gaming, it might be fun to have a party of low level twits, er that is eager young adventurers. On top of this, Earl's life in what some people laughingly refer to as "the real world" became rather hectic, and so at this point the logs shift to a group of young adventurers who gather first in Lanthil, and then out at the secret New Dawn Base, birthplace of the Twilight Defense Force...

Most of the logs were written by Earl Wajenberg, Barry Tannenbaum, Ann Broomhead, and Tim Lasko and are copyright by them.

Interludes and other Campaigns

From time to time over the 25 or more years that The Jack, Pantope and Tindomë campaigns have been running, I have been known to need to take a bit of time off from running the game. Also, sometimes, its fun for me to just play. Sometimes, other players have just taken over as GM, as withe Earl running the Mother Goose Chase, Ancient Oz and Varkard adventures. At other times, we have switched venues all together as when Earl and Tim ran Space 1889 campaigns.

December 2008 brought another one of those times, and once more Earl has stepped in. This time we are running not only in a new venue, but with a new rules system, both of Earl's invention.

Lords of Being, an Endeavor campaign

I'm still gathering information about the campaign, but for neow, here are a few links:
  • The Lords of Being logs
  • The Lords of Being setting
  • The Endeavor role playing system

Other Material

The material in this section currently was contributed by Earl Wajenberg and is copyright by him. Earl was my collaborator in the Jack and early Pantope campaigns. He plotted scenarios and designed much of the world. I elaborated and actually GMed the games. Earl also was our original chronicler, and wrote many of the game logs.
"Stickers On Our Luggage"
A list of the places and times the party travelled to during the Pantope campaign.
Excerpts from "The Vacuum-Tight Suitcase"
Earl's travelogue of the Terran-settled worlds from the "home line" (also called the "United Earth line") of the FuRPiG game setting.
"Of the Races of Earth"
An explanation of the origins of Elves, Dragons and Men.
A Dialogue on the Demi-Spirits
And a short history of the Nephilim and Mazikim.
The Geography of Faerie
A description of the Summerlands, the Faerie realm createed by Lord Alvarin in "Of the Races of Earth".
The Dance of Hours
Earl's original description for the GM of the party's pantope, "The Dance of Hours", their home base for the Pantope campaign.

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May 15, 1996