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This page is mostly for my own use in tracking my progress in incorporating the various sources into my own version of the the life of La Maupin. It provides me a check list of most of the major events in her life, with short notes as to the details. The exact meaning of the first couple of columns varies over time, but in general an X in the first indicates that I am up-to-date on that event. The second column is generally used to track the progress of may additions to this page. It lists the events, and the time place and people involved according to each of the sources. In most cases, I've chosen a specific source to use on the authority for that event. Both the main and other sources have hyper-text links to the source.

Currently, my sources are:

G Incident Time Place People Main Source Other Sources
X o Birth 1670(anon.)

Name: Julia d'Aubigny (Rogers)
Name: Emilie d'Aubigny (Buser)
Father: Gaston D'Aubigny (Rogers)
Name: Mlle. d'Aubigny (Sadie)
Father: d'Aubigny (Fetis)
Father: Sieur d'Aubigny (Sadie)
Father: Daubigny (Beaumont)
Father: Sier d"Aubigny (Clayton)
Father: Monsieur d'Aubigny (Gilbert)
Rogers anon., Beaumont Fetis, Clayton, Sadie, Gilbert, Buser
X o Training By age 16 (Rogers)
by age 12 (Gilbert)
Home (Rogers)
Paris (Clayton)
Marseilles (Fetis)
Father (Rogers)
Seranne (Clayton)
Father, de Liancourt etc. (Gilbert)
Rogers Fetis, Clayton, Gilbert
X o First Affair c. 1884-1887
age <16-17 (Rogers)
age 14 (anon.)
age 14 (Gilbert)
Hôtel D'Armagnac (Rogers) D'Armagnac (Rogers)
D'Armagnac (Gilbert)
Rogers Gilbert
X o Marriage
by age 16 (Rogers)
at a young age (Beaumont)
"soon" [after 14] (Gilbert)
M. Maupin of St. Germain-en-Laye (Rogers,Campardon) Rogers Fetis, Campardon, Beaumont, Clayton, Gilbert
X o Husband's position
no time-frame (Fetis, Beaumont, Clayton)
after "many a day" (Gilbert)
after a year (Rogers)
she obtained/sent (Fetis, Beaumont)
some influential friends (Gilbert)
he obtained situation (Clayton) offered a position (Rogers)
Gilbert Fetis, Rogers, Clayton, Beaumont
X o Second affair 1687?
the very day after her marriage (Colombey)
age 17 (Rogers)
Paris Séranne, young gentleman of the Midi (Rogers)
assistant in a fencing academy (Clayton)
Seranne, a clerk (Fetis)
Serane, a fencing-master (Beaumont)
Sesane, master-at-arms, taught her fencing (Colombey)
Serannes, fencing-master (Gilbert)
Rogers Fetis, Clayton, Beaumont, Colombey, Gilbert
X o Run away 1688?
age 18 (Rogers)
Marseilles Séranne (all)
Séranne & a fatal due (Rogers).
Reynie & d'Armagnac (Gilbert)
eloped with Seranne (Fetis)
Rogers Fetis, Clayton, Gilbert
X o Heckler c. 1688? Marseilles tavern taproom
Rogers Salmonson, Gilbert
X o Music Debut c. 1688? Marseilles Academy (Rogers, Gilbert) Mlle. d'Aubigny (anon., Campardon, Gilbert)
as " M. d'Aubigny" (Clayton)
Pierre Gaultier, director (Rogers, Gilbert)
Serannes (Gilbert)
Rogers anon., Campardon, Clayton, Gilbert
X o Novice < 1690
not yet 20 (Rogers)
March 1691 (Gilbert)
Marseilles + Avignon
Visitandines convent (anon.)
Visitandines Convent, Avignon (Gilbert)
"sieur" D'Aubigny (Rogers)
a young blonde girl (anon.)
nun of Avignon (Salmonson)
A foolish girl ... fell in love with "him" (Clayton)
young lady, a faultless blonde (Gilbert)
Fetis Salmonson, anon., Rogers, Colombey, Clayton, Gilbert
X o On the road c. 1690? Orleans, then along the Loire (anon.)
ran away to Provence (Clayton)

anon. Clayton
X o Tutor c.1690?
"a month or two" (Rogers)
Poitiers (anon., Rogers, Gilbert) Marechal (anon., Gilbert)
adept, drunken master (Rogers)
anon. Rogers, Gilbert
X 0 d'Albert
Ecu-Neuf Inn, Villeperdue (anon.)
the New Crown at Villeperdue (Gilbert)
Louis-Joseph d'Albert de Luynes (anon., Gilbert)
son of the Duke of Luynes (anon., Gilbert)
guessed her sex (anon., Gilbert)
some lout (Salmonson)
and two friends (Salmonson)
"not realizing ... a woman" (Salmonson)
son of a Duke (Salmonson)
Rogers has d'Albert not know she is a woman, and has her fight only him
Gilbert also only mentions fighting him

Salmonson, anon., Rogers, Gilbert
X o Thevenard 1690
1691 (anon., Gilbert)
Rouen Gabriel Vincent Thévenard, ex-scullion, father's Orleans shop (anon., Gilbert) Gilbert, anon. Rogers
X o Paris c. 1690 (anon.)
with Thevenard (Rogers, Gilbert)
Gilbert, anon., Rogers
X o Intercession 1691 (anon.) Marais d'Armagnac gets King to anull verdict
friends in high places (Salmonson)
anon., Rogers, Gilbert
X o Opera Debut 1690 (Campardon)
1690 (Sadie)
1690 (Letainturier-Fradin)
1690 (Rogers)
1691 (Gilbert, anon.)
1698 (Beaumont)
1695 (Fetis)
Paris Opera
Rehersal: Francin's Buttes Saint Roch house (Gilbert)
Jean-Nicolas Francine (Rogers)
Bouvard persuades Francin (Gilbert)
Attended the school of Lulli (Clayton)
"under her husband's name" (Clayton)
Pallas in Cadmus (Fetis)
Pallas in Cadmus et Hermoine (Letainturier-Fradin, Gilbert)
3,000£/year (Gilbert)

Fetis, Campardon, Sadie, Beaumont Clayton, Rogers, Sadie, Gilbert
X o Roles

Pallas, 1695 (Fetis)
Pallas, 1690 (Rogers)
Medee, 1702 (Campardon)
Dido Sep 11, 1693 (Rogers)
Minerva Nov, 1698 (Rogers)
Clorinde, in Tancrède (Sadie)
Médus in Bouvard's Médus, roi de Mèdes, (Sadie)
especially popular in comic roles (Sadie)
Dido, Minerva, Pallas Athena (Salmonson)
shone especially in male characters (Clayton)
Minerva in "Thésée", 1699
Cidippe in "Thétys et Pelée"
"Proserpine", "Marthésie", "Cérès", "Le Triomphe des Arts", and
Isabelle in "La Vénitienne", 1705 (Gilbert)
Letainturier-Fradin Campardon, Rogers, Fetis, Salmonson, Sadie Clayton
  o Watch & chain only (Gilbert)
Snuff Box, watch & chain
1690? (Rogers) Place des Victoires (Rogers, Clayton, Colombey, Gilbert) Dumeni (Rogers)
Duméni (Gilbert)
Dumény (Beaumont)
Duménil (Fetis)
Dumenil (Clayton)
Dumesnil (Colombey)
Fetis Rogers, Beaumont, Clayton, Colombey Gilbert
    Reunion 1692, 1693 or 1695
returned to siege of Namur
Paris d'Albert Rogers Gilbert
    Ball 1695 (Rogers + Huster)
Monsieur (Fetis, Rogers, Clayton)
King Louis (Salmonson)
public ball (Colombey)
killed 3 friends (Fetis)
3 suitors injured (Rogers)
killed three gentlemen (Beaumont, Colombey, Gilbert)
at least 1 of 3 friends killed (Clayton)
injured/disarmed 3 suitors (Salmonson)
3 gentlemen in the Rue Saint-Thomas du Louvre (Gilbert)
Rogers Fetis, Salmonson, Beaumont, Clayton, Colombey, Gilbert
    Elector 1697-98?
soon after ball (Fetis, Rogers)
Brussels Elector of Bavaria (Fetis, Sadie, Beaumont)
Maximilian Marie Emmanuel (Rogers)
countess (Fetis)
countess's husband (Fetis)
Countess d'Arcos (Clayton)
Rogers Fetis, Campardon, Clayton, Beaumont, Sadie
    Countess Marino's radishes
Spain Countess Marino (Rogers, Clayton) Rogers Clayton, Gilbert
    Opera Star 1698
after Mlle. Rochois
with Mlles. Desmatins and Moreau
only after the death of Rochois (Sadie)
Fetis Sadie
    Return to Paris After 3 years absence
November 1698
before 1698 (Campardon)
public prefered "New performers" (Clayton) Paris Rogers Campardon, Clayton
    Pistol duel with Servan Shortly after return to Paris (Rogers)
Baron de Servan of Périgord (Clayton, Rogers)
as "the Chevalier de Rainey" (Clayton)
who insulted Mlle. Pérignon (Clayton)
Clayton Rogers
    Marriage of d'Albert 1703 Compiègne Mlle. Montigny Rogers
    Suicide attempt

unrequited love for Fanchon Moreau Sadie
    Death of La Florensac July 2, 1705
Marquise de Florensac
La Maupin's last lover (Rogers)
    Last role 1705
Michel de la Barre's La Vénitienne Sadie
    Retirement 1705 (Rogers)
1705 (Fetis)
1705 (Clayton)
1705 (Campardon)

Rogers Fetis, Campardon, Clayton
    Reconciliation (<1705)-1701 (Fetis)
(<1705) (Clayton)
(>1705) (Campardon)
"in her last years" (Sadie)

Fetis, Campardon, Sadie Clayton
    Poetic letter to d'Albert while he serve with Maréchal Villars
attributed to Benserade Clayton Clayton
    Death 1707, age 33 (Fetis)
1707, age 34 (Clayton)
1707 (Sadie)

Fetis, Clayton Rogers