The Anderson/Cresap Connection

The names Anderson and Cresap show up together repeatedly.
Anderson's Delight
On the Washington County, Maryland plats page, the owner of Anderson's Delight is listed as "Col. Thomas Cresap". I was originally skeptical about Cresap owning Anderson's Delight, but the information in the Hagerstown library is quite consistent on it.

1751/1755 Virginia Map
I found a high resolution color scan of a map of Virginia published in 1755, based on information gathered in 1751 at the Library of Congress site. It shows Col. Cresap's home at what's now Oldtown, Maryland on the North Branch of the Potomac. A few miles upstream it shows a settlement named Anderson. (Shown here.)

Anderson's Bottom
Just across the Potomac from Anderson's Bottom stands Cresaptown, Maryland, and on the hand-drawn I got from John Philips, "Old Cresap Stone House" is shown there.
Colonel Thomas Cresap was a colorful character who, like William Anderson, is reported to have come to America in 1715 and lived a long life. In many ways it's not at all surprising to find their names associated. Both men lived in Maryland near Conococheague Manor until some time in the 1730's and then worked their way up the Potomac to the western edge the British colonies. Both survived Braddock's defeat and lost a son to the indians.

Searching Washington and Cresap's papers for references to William Anderson may prove fruitful.