Crooked Run Properties

These two properties appear to be adjacent to each other. The deeds were awarded 3 years apart. One mentions "Crooked Run" itself, the other two runs off of it. The later's eastern bound is described as being on "his own line", and they share a couple of features.

One question that remains, though, is whether the owner is our William Anderson. Both are called "William Anderson of Hampshire County and there is no indication that they are different people, but it is still a possibility.

The picture here shows how I believe the two abut each other. The red shape is the 1777 property. The orange is the 1780.

William Anderson, Hampshire Co, 1777

Bounds from deed
S 27 W 240 poles
S 60 E 36 poles
S 23 W 66 poles
N 56 W 130 poles
N 23 E 430 poles
S 61 E 115 poles
S 24 E 140 poles
I've annotated this diagram with all the landmarks given in the survey so as to provide a comparison with the 1780 plot.

Further Research

On Mary Kathryn Harris Genealogy Web site, in the research notes for the family of Moses Ashbrook and his wife Sarah, I found the following citations mentioning the Andersons:

"Abstracts of the Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys Hampshire County 1750-1784"

Feb. 18, 1775----June 9, 1775.
William Anderson, assignee (in 1777) of Moses X Ashbrook Being the same land for which William Anderson obtained warrant Feb. 17, 1769 and did not execute. 412 acres on both sides of the Waggon Road from Winchester to Romney and on Crooked Run a drain of Little Cacapehon/Capon, Gibbins Run adjoining Lee and land of James Anderson sold to Joseph Watson.
Chain Carriers: John Hagerty, Hugh Lewes.
Surveyor: Elias Poston.

Feb. 21, 1775----June 10, 1775
John Hegirty of Frederick County 418 acres being same land Hegirty got warrant for Feb. 17, 1769 on Crooked Run drain of Little Cacapehon, Gibbon's Run both sides of Waggon Road from Winchester to Romney adjoining Moses Ashbrook.
Chain Carriers: Patrick Keran, Hugh Lewis.
Pilot and Marker: William Anderson.
Surveyor: Elias Poston.

The first of these is clearly for this same plot of land. It raises the question of whether this William is ours because it introduces a James Anderson into the same record and we have no other evidence of an adult James Anderson at this time who is a relative of our William. He may be the James Anderson of Frederick County who was granted land on Feb 20, 1754 and Oct 12, 1754, and who may in turn may be the same (or father of) James granted land along the Frederick and Hampshire County lines in 1796.

William Anderson, Hampshire Co, 1780

Bounds from deed
N 88 E 108 poles
N 100 poles
W 202 poles
S 20 W 360 poles
S 72 E 116 poles
N 21 E 216 poles
There are several aspects of this plot that relate it to the 1777 plot.