The following table shows the census data for Anna A. Mohrmann Tangeman's household for each decade from 1850 to 1880. I created it to try to track Anna, whose name often seems to change. The head of household is listed in bold, and Anna herself in red.

I suspect that her name was "Anne Adelheid Mohrmann" at birth. This is the name that Joan Bullard reports from the Parish records in Germany. The pronunciation is likely to have been more like "Anna Adelheit Mohrmann", with the final E in Anne being voiced and not silent, and the final d in Adelheid, being the unvoiced "T" sound. The initial As in both names are likely to have been pronounced somewhere between the way Americans would say "Ah" and "Aw" and the "ei" combination in German is pronounces as an English long I, thus the "Odelite" spelling of 1880. 1860's Adeline is probably due to that being a more common English or American name than Adelheid".

1850 Census   1860 Census   1870 Census   1880 US Census
Name Age   Name Age Name Age   Name Relation   Age Gender
John Tangoman 27 M            
Mary Tangeman 18 F            
Henry Tangeman 6/12 M            
William Tangeman 14 M Wm Tangeman 24 M Wm Tangeman 33 M Willan TANGEMAN Self M 40 Male
    Louisa Tangeman 17 F Louisa Tangeman 24 F Lenesa TANGEMAN Wife M 36 Female
    Ann Tangeman 1m F Margaret Tangeman 10 F Margert TANGEMAN Dau M 20 Female
        Carl Tangeman 8 M Charly TANGEMAN Son S 18 Male
        John Tangeman 6 M Johny TANGEMAN Son S 16 Male
            Susy TANGEMAN Dau S 13 Female
        Lowis Tangeman 4 M    
        Anna Tangeman 1 F Hanah TANGEMAN Dau S 11 Female
            Andrew TANGEMAN Son S 7 Male
            Willam TANGEMAN Son S 5 Male
            Lizey TANGEMAN Dau S 3 Female
            Mary TANGEMAN Dau S 1 Female
        Jno Munt? 24 M John MONT Other M 35 Male
        Willam BURGEMAN Other W 55 Male
Anna A. Tangeman 54 F Adaline Tangeman 65 F Odelite TANGEMAN Mother W 82 Female
August Tangeman 11 M Augustus Tangeman 21 M
George Tangeman 11 M George Tangeman 21 M
Herman Tangeman 20 M
Jackson Tangeman 18 M
Ernst Meyer 28 M