The inscription on this stone reads, to the best of our ability:

14  1701
  9  1789

The 9 in the bottom line might be a 2, but we think it more likely to be a 9.

From this we infer that this is the grave of James Claypool, born Feb 14 1701, died Oct 9 1789, whom we call "James Claypool (1701)" to distinguish him from the other James Claypools and because there is some dispute as to who his father and grandfather is, though everyone seems to agree who his great grandfather is.

His stone was found as two fragments sticking out of the ground. The two pictures below show the stones as they were standing in the ground and then as we assembled them on the ground. Note that the larger of the two stones was buried deeper in the ground and appears smaller in the first of the two pictures. Both pictures were taken after we'd used a smidge of shaving cream.