The stone's original position.

The position of the old and new stones from roughly 2005 until June, 2013.
The new marker's new position, further up hill marking the spot where Jane's actual headstone was found.
This stone, which is NOT Jane Claypool's headstone, has moved around a bit over the last few years. In 2004 it lay face down in line wit the row of footstones in the southeast corner of the cemetery. Some tme between June 2004 and June 2006, it was moved and stood up in line with the headstones in that area and a new marker was placed at the foot of this stone reading:

1701 - 1788

This is NOT Jane. She is buried further up the hill a few feet down hill from her husband James's real grave. Her stone is fallen and weathered, but readily readable. When we left in 2013, we had moved this new marker to a point a foot or so from where her actual stone was found, and the old stone was moved back to stand where it lay in 2004. Her real headstone was leaning up against the tree. (See the page for that stone.)

Please note that the modern marker has the wrong dates, as well as having been put in the wrong place. Her actual gravestone, which was found further up the hill clearly reads "DECEAS•D JUNE 2 1768", a fact which we transcribed to the temporary marker that stands over the hole where Jane's headstone was found.

It is not clear whose grave the old stone now sits at the foot of. The headstone for that grave is too badly weathered to be read.