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The Chaos Marches

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The party that returned from New Europa was somewhat different from the one that had journeyed there. Nick and Lorelei had left the party in search of Chris. The robot, Robbie, that Chris had sent looking for them had stayed behind in their place. In order to help him fit in a bit better, the party had taken Robbie on a side to their home on the planet Helene, so he could trade in is Forbidden Planet style body for a more humanoid "sim" model. While they were on Helene, the race mind KaiSen, for whom Tom occasionally works, sent them a new liaison, the shape-shifter Salimar. Nick's wife Zareba decided to stay behind on Helene. The party also picked up two New Europans. Katrina Constantine is the daughter of Ivan Dragomilov, head of the Assassination bureau, and possibly of dragon blood. He is at war with Professor Moriarty's World Crime League, for which he rather blames them. He has ask them to look out for her. The second is Father Paddy, a priest who has set out to learn the theological implications of multiple universes and the Faerie folk.

After a few weeks' rest, they've resumed their original mission to explore the Chaos Marches, looking for a new home for the New Blood. Finding it has become more pressing thanks to several of Daewen's descendants. It seems that at her granddaughter Glorian's instigation, her older daughter Moranna, Mithriel's twin Mirien, and Daewen's doppleganger have started an underground railroad, smuggling the friends and relations of elves rescued in "the Raid" out of Middle Earth. They've been doing this under the name of "The Daughters of Daeanna". "Daeanna", you may recall, was the name that Daewen adopted to distinguish herself from "Daewen of Ennorath", her doppleganger. The refugees, in turn, have taken to calling themselves "The People of Daeanna", a name which is far too close to "Tuatha De Danaan", to suit Daewen's taste.

In addition to scouting the Marches, the party has two other missions. While they were in New Europa, Kate was plagued by dreams that seem to be a call from help, perhaps from one of the little folk they saw in the Marches just before being dragged into New Europa. The dreams also seemed to tie these little people to Daewen and the New Blood. While investigating the dreams, they stumbled on a message from Dinlai Finlei Alatar, the Black Mage's student, and one of several people they have inspired to try to make their own pantopes.

Thus Tom, Mithriel, Dafnord, Kate, Salimar, Robby, Katrina, and Father Paddy set out on foot into the Chaos Marches south of Vinyagarond. They're looking for a new home for the New Blood, the source of Kate's dreams and Dinlai.

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