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Journey to New Europa

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After a hiatus in both worlds, the Pantope crew has ventured once more into the many continua of the multiverse. From the perspective of the players, a couple of years have passed while we played Space 1889. The crew has changed a little, too, losing Andy Robinson and gaining Susan Giusto and Louise Aitel. From the perspective of the characters, various lengths of time have passed. About seventeen years is the shortest and most linear route. Many of the characters have been to The Dreamtime (a MUCK run at DEC). Most are living or visiting in Olde Faerie, whence Daewen and her family retired near the end of the previous campaign.

This time out, they are traveling on foot, and not by pantope. This isn't quite as hard as it seems as several of the party are Witch Walkers, and the group is carrying a good deal of dimensional surveying equipment. The have, by now, arrived in New Europa, the world of "Castle Falkenstein", though we are still playing by the home-brewed FuRPiG rules rather than those of the Castle Falkenstein RPG.

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