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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 19: Dithering and Plotting

by Ann Broomhead

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We poke at the chest a bit dubiously, but it seems safe enough. Teller Knocks at the chest, but achieves only a trickle of rust coming out of the lock. Mandorak steps up, and pulls the lid open. It is a classic treasure chest, with gold coins, gems, pearl necklaces, and the canonical bejeweled chalice. Can we buy Sam's brother and sister? And whom would we be purchasing them from?

Eïr brings Jacko up to the observation deck, and asks him about that ship there. He identifies the ship in question as the Hellgramite, helmed by Captain Irons. He warns us that Captain Irons is conspicuously unscrupulous, especially to those who are not of the Brotherhood. Well, we can join the Brotherhood now.

The two climb up to the rest of the group, and repeat what Jacko told her. We ask what joining the Brotherhood entails, beyond the money. "You have to sign the Articles. I never seen the Brotherhood's Articles. My captain signed 'em. They're about how to share booty between two ships, and things like that." He hints further that Captain Irons is definitely one to watch out for, Articles or no. He manages to tell us, sideways, that women on board should only be in the form of… booty. We decide we can arrange the appearance of this.

Jacko says that we should "check our bearings" before showing any coin, so that we could leave if things got too hot. We should also be sure that we could leave the bay. We think this will be possible, but we don't mention why to Jacko. Finwë, Teller, and Jacko go off to check the bearings. Nothing seems to be blocking the bay, but Teller detects a certain crackling out beyond the mouth.

The rest of us brood over the incipient problem: it will have to be Finwë who signs the Articles of the Brotherhood – and he's a ditz. We decide that we should dress him in silky black. Yes, an elf in severe black (with tights (and codpiece)) and glittery pointy things may look plausible.

Ëir presents this to Finwë as a change from elven gear to proper pirate gear. We're still not sure about joining the Brotherhood. Perhaps we should just tell Irons that we're in need of a cabin boy, maybe two, and maybe a cook – or just general ship's servants of no specified gender. Teller volunteers to go and tell Captain Irons a story. We appeal to Jacko for his judgment. "I fear me that you do not have the proper look about you to deal with Cap'n Irons. You'd end up in irons (heh, heh) next to your cabin boy."

We contemplate various techniques for boarding the Hellgramite, with stealth and with surprise. It should definitely be done by night. If Eric can put a piece of paper in the powder magazine, we can blow it up whenever we like – but only after we've removed the captives, and ourselves. We can bind sleep spells, and trigger them with a word.

Teller builds his sleep grenades, and Bavör sets up the triggers on them. Teller brings his blowpipe and darts, and his wristrockets. Bay brings his new dagger and his hammer. Ëir brings an extra psi battery. Bay and Mannie decide that they too should have psi batteries, and they get them from stores. Mannie also brings his sword. We decide that Sam should come too. Eric finally mentions that he can sometimes anticipate events, and we (figuratively) pounce on him and urge him to come. He'll bring his leftover sleep darts. The Captain, Jacko, the parrot and (we think) the squirrel will be staying on board.

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