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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 43: The Azure Garden

by Ann Broomhead

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We wait outside while Lieutenant Jhejhaleen talks to his men, giving them their tasks for the next few days. As we wait, we mentally discuss what important people we have met and can ask for assistance. Eïr is the first to remember the letter from the Captain of the Gate. We speculate on how useful it could be, since we don't know its contents. Eïr mentions the doctor who worked with her. We discuss what items (above and beyond the tea strainer) we could offer to him, and through him, the populace of Darkholme.

Jhejhaleen steps back out of his room. We move off along the corridor to the nearest courtyard, flanked by the his guards. The creature of the Adjutant Vizier drifts along after us. As we walk back towards the entrance to the palace, Teller asks Khajad if we have passed the pleasant garden he father showed him. He explains that it is deeper in the palace, and that it is rare to be granted permission to see it.

The creature addresses Khajad, and our translator replies. The exchange continues. Eïr asks Captain Finwë to ask Khajad if the creature had asked Khajad to translate our conversations for him. He says it is so. So we are paying him, and he's going to be translating for someone else? Just so.

"You are very accomplished. We are very lucky to employ someone of such great accomplishments, and we thank you," announces Eïr, laying it on as thick as seems right.

At Eïr's prompting, Finwë asks if it is seemly for him to translate both for us and for the agent of the Adjutant Vizier. Khajad says that, since the Prince gave the Adjutant Vizier permission to learn about us, he is morally obliged to translate for him. The elf points out that we will be in negotiations with the Vizier's people in charge of the tower, and that it would seem to put us at an extreme disadvantage to have his agent learning everything we discuss. Khajad assures him that that would be a different circumstance, and he would not translate on any such matters.

Teller finally tries to exercise his new understanding of the language of Darkholme. He asks the person working for the Adjutant Vizier, in his own tongue, "You will be eating with us. What is your favorite food?" The man only stares at him, and doesn't answer.

Mandorak asks Khajad (through Finwë) if those of us in the company of Lieutenant Jhejhaleen need a City Pass as well, so that we can, theoretically, split up. He assures us: we don't.

Jhejhaleen expresses disappointment that we have been unable to see the new Azure Garden. Finwë perks up. He would love to see a garden. Khajad blinks at the torrent of words, and remarks, "There are more words for 'garden' in your language than I had dreamed possible." We have not yet turned to go to the Azure Garden. Mandorak asks brightly about the carving in the new garden. Khajad is confused, and asks what carvings. Mannie explains what sorts of stonework we are interested in and have seen. Khajad remarks that he now realizes how many loan words have come into Quenya from the Dwarvish.

"Ah, you speak the Deepmother Tongue?" Mandorak asks brightly.

"Only the words that have found their way into Quenya."

He leads us to the Azure Garden. We happily spread out once we arrive and examine those things that each of us find of the most interest. The dwarves head straight for the central fountain. Jhejhaleen points out various features to Khajad. Finwë stands back and drinks in the overall ambiance. The creature of the Adjutant Vizier is distressed by the complete fragmentation of the group, but decides to follow Teller, who is examining one of the smaller fountains.

Mandorak and Bavör quickly figure out everything about the workings of the fountain system, their workmanship, et cetera. It is a psionic spying system.

Teller tries out his Darkholme-ish understanding again on his new companion. "The water. Does it tell a story?"

The man is totally taken aback. "No. … Not a story, but a symbol."

Teller communes with a stretch of water, then passes his hand over it, and the water ripples in pleased response. The creature becomes very upset at this response, misinterprets it, and talks very loudly. Khajad hurries over to deal with the problem.

Jhejhaleen says to Finwë, "Not talk much alone. Make invite special to me for dinner-coming."

Khajad explains to Teller that traditionalists [such as the creature of the Adjutant Vizier] get very upset if one not of the Faithful [such as Teller] disturbs the pattern set out in the Palace. Teller asks how to make an apology, and Khajad explains. The creature starts to head for the suspicious pair of Finwë and Jhejhaleen. Before he gets two steps, Teller makes his formal apology to the man, word-perfect. It stops the man in his tracks. Teller then goes over to the fountain, and apologizes to it.

Mandorak warns Eïr that the fountain is eavesdropping on our conversations. Then the dwarf looks around for living snakes. There is one sunning itself, looking back at him. Eïr tenses up. Mannie reminds her, out of the corner of his mouth, "We are guests here. Do not disturb… anything." He hopes that the little cleric doesn't spot the pair of snakes coiled around the base of that large urn over there.

Khajad informs Finwë that Jhejhaleen told him that the single, large tree was grown from a cutting taken from a tree that was grown from a seed that was brought from the Mountains of Kaf. Finwë knows a little of the Mountains of Kaf, and is suitably impressed. The Mountains of Kaf are both in Earth and in Djinnistan. If these people can get to them…

He asks, "How did the cuttings come here?"

Jhejhaleen says, "We are told it came by a circuitous root, passing from hand to hand. Its arrival is taking as the workings of Destiny."


"Yes, the passing from hand to hand, to reach this highly suitable place, could only be Destiny. This particular tree is of a type that is significant in the history of the family of Azure."

Teller asks to speak to the tree. Jhejhaleen advises him that a suitable statement would be to express a hope that the winds that blow through its leaves bring such luck as the the winds that blew through its leaves of its ancestral tree.

The Adjutant Vizier's man comes over to them, and Khajad explains something to him.

Teller makes his offering to the tree. The Adjutant Vizier's man makes some meaningful gesture with his hands. Then he steps back. He again heads back to the promising pair of Jhejhaleen and Finwë. Khajad strides over to the two of them, and reminds Finwë that, pleasant as the garden is, we have other things to do. He agrees, and we wend our way out of the palace. Teller thanks Lieutenant Jhejhaleen for his thoughtfulness in showing us the garden. The lieutenant explains that the garden has been open for only a few days, and few people have seen it. The tree was transplanted from the gardens of the House of Azure, a fine dwelling in the Administrative District of the City.

We calmly stroll out of the palace onto the main boulevard. Here, Captain Finwë formally invites Lieutenant Jhejhaleen to dinner with us. The lieutenant accepts, but explains that he must dress more formally, so he will turn us over to the City Guard as soon as possible, and return to his quarters to dress. He leads us for two blocks, then spots a member of the guard. The lieutenant speaks to him, he blows on a whistle, and more guardsmen arrive. Khajad informs the guards what is expected of them. Lieutenant Jhejhaleen, his men & the creature of the Adjutant Vizier return to the palace. The creature is unhappy.

The sergeant asks Captain Finwë where we want to go. We ask to go to the Temple of Healing, and are led there by our squad of guards. The guards wait outside while we go inside and ask for Rhajnahah. The novice we ask looks surprised, but scurries off, and soon "Grandfather Rhajnahah" appears.

"Ah. I thought it might be you, young healer."

"Our young patient has awakened, and feels some discomfort."

"Ah, that is good. Pain would be better, but discomfort is good."

"I had wondered if you would do us the honor of dining with us."

He aks where we would be dining, and Khajad explains. The healer warns us that Madame Fishilashi must be informed of his dietary restrictions.

Eïr goes on to explain that we have been to the palace, and that we have initiated the beginnings of diplomatic relations with the Prince. She then goes on to explain that we originally came seeking the daughter of our captain, and that the Prince has granted us the use of Lieutenant Jhejhaleen for three days. The healer is surprised and impressed; he has heard of Jhejhaleen. She explains that this quest will be the topic of conversation at dinner. She goes into further detail.

We leave the temple, and pick up our guard detail. We go to Mom's, and warn Madame Fishilashi about who is coming to dinner. She becomes agitated. Mandorak gives her some money to cover the extra cost of the dinner. We formally ask Khajad to be present at the dinner, and he accepts. We then head out to the Tindomë to check on people, and to pick up our best clothes, for the dinner.

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