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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 5

by Ann Broomhead

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[Okay, so we don't have lasers.] Mandorak has the family crossbow, which he can use with the Knack of Tools. Eric can make very stiff paper, which he can use like shiruken. Bay decides we need to back to the ship to make grenades with estoplastic air as their explosive. On our way there with several of the locals, Bay asks if they are good at making nets, and they assure us that they can tie nets – if we have the materials.

We decide to make nets of ectoplastic air, with their strength augmented by some of the ship's psi batteries. We build a test net (using 50 psi) and ask their two strongest men to try to fight their way through it. They fail. It takes them over 15 seconds to cut their way out. We are happy with our design, and make ten large nets, one extra good. Bay hopes to levitate them over the active orc guards.

We make two dozen (23) grenades from ectoplastic air and bits of obsidian, stone, coral, and stiffened paper. Teller gets 11 and Eïr get 12. They will sneak into the orcs' barracks, distribute them effectively, then trigger them.

Teller binds Sleep onto the papers that Eric plans to throw. Bay selects the best of the wood-carving tools as a personal weapon.

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