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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 76: Bringing Lanthil Up to Date (The Clip Show)

by Ann Broomhead

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Present at the meeting of important people are Daëwen, Lorelei, Silverhand, the Ambassador from the Sky Island and her two captains, the captain of the Lanthil Coast Guard, Captain Fallataal, and Captain Finwë. The Lady Daëwen introduces everyone around, and asks Finwë to speak first, about his discoveries, after which the Ambassador will speak.

Finwë begins. He describes the rescue of Samantha, and how it led to our encounters on the pirate island, including the rescue of Micah. Daëwen interrupts, and points out an interesting parallel: the story of the Lucky Lady. This ship with a young married couple sailed on the Caribbean, was caught in a storm, and was then attacked by a sea serpent. The lone survivor was rescued (with her ship) by Fallataal. "So, we have a pattern of castaways in the Open Sea. This may be recent, or it may have been going on for hundreds of years."

Finwë described our underwater escape, after the rescue, from Port Rouge. Daëwen summarizes our rescue of multiple refuges, including "two old friends of Lanthil, Aldamir and Chekhov." He then explained that we headed toward the sun, and Darkholme, to rescue Sarah. He describes the people, customs, and serpents of Darkholme, with particular mention of Khajad, who seemed to be a member of the nobility working as a commoner. He described the machinations we went through to rescue Sarah: the adoption, and the diplomatic agreement struck with the Serpent Prince.

"Delightful kinds of people," murmurs Daëwen. "You have rescued Chekhov, who comes from the wreck of the Fast Times. But now we have to rescue Alag, who is walking back from the wreck. And dear little Coli too. You should know that Lanthilos were present at his naming ceremony, and their presence there helped cement relations between our two peoples."

Then Finwë described our unexpected contact with the Sky Islands. This introduces the appearance of the Ambassador of the Sky Islands. Daëwen gives a little speech welcoming her, and expressing the general desire to help.

Then the Abmassador gets up and speaks, and describes the situation. Sharp questions about the timing of events are brought up, and answered. A new piece of information comes out: it is said that hundreds of years ago, there were many other, even larger flying islands, which were separated from the Sky Islands, during a ferocious storm. She admits that she is not sure if she believes the story, and assures everyone that she does not intend to represent these other islands.

Daëwen assures her again of our good intentions, although she warns that we are an anarchic land. Silverhand, the Viceroy of the Dreamtime, gives similar assurances. Lorelei points out there is a more practical question, one of science: what keeps the Sky Islands afloat. She volunteers her assistance.

Discussion drifts to the mysteries of Darkholme. We volunteer the information that it was claimed that the Serpent Prince was descended from the Nine Kings and Nine Queens. We add that we asked of Khajad, and learned that the Prince could not call on from the Nine Kings and Nine Queens.

After the early breakfast, and the swimsuit discussion, Lorelei arrives, and starts chatting with Mandorak and Bavör about the information she learned the previous evening. Mannie describes what Chekhov thinks it the situation with the falling islands. Eïr arrives then, and is introduced.

She describes her interactions, especially the medical ones, with the people of Darkholme. She speaks favorably of Grandfather Healer, and of Khajad, and not so favorably of the others. She described the street carvings turning into real snakes, but is firm in her belief that the people were fully human. "They really liked snakes, but the didn't turn into snakes."

Lorelei speculates that Darkholme was once a client state of the Serpent Folk, but cannot tell whether they were the clients of the Lilim (bad), or of the Royal Naga (good). Mannie explains that we may have a chance to find out more of their history, because they will be sending us someone. Cheerfully, Mannie and Eïr point out that, if this person does not speak good Elvish, the Darkholmers will send a translator, someone who does speak good, idiomatic Lanthilo Elvish; i.e., Khajad.

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