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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 79: Fatherhood Requires Far-Seeing

by Louise Aitel

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After the discussions of the alterations to the ship complete, the captain and crew begin to discuss the direction to take next. The captain is reminded of the compass that was purchased at Darkholm.

The Captain, looking forward to shedding his newly acquired uniform (to replace it with something less dressy, honest!), asks Daewen if she has any requests. She had previously noted that we seemed to do well on our own, figuring out our destinations. She opines that she was interested in the plane that runs through the islands and the interface between that and Nighthaven; if we really need suggestions that would be it.

The changes to the ship will take some time. There is a packet to be brought by the crew to Nighthaven from the ambassador. Toma wants to stay and read and read and read, even desiring to sleep there. He will need to be reminded to eat, perhaps. He hasn't, he admits, made any reports. Well, not much. Here's one that says he's alive or some such, in a professional manner. He'll try to do better, he says, then scurries back to the library.

The improvements take about a week. Manny and Bay are working on the improvements. Eric is copying the maps we've acquired, for use by the New Dawn Yards.

Finwë spends time with his children over the week, assuring things are all arranged correctly and they are comfortable.

The Captain takes a trip to visit his children. He is, after all, certain that they will have had children and nearly gone grey by the time he returns, since humans are LIKE that. After some discussion between Finwë and Manny, Eir acerbically notes that the Captain can keep an eye on her and, should she go grey, perhaps let her know.

The three siblings seem to be settled in quite happily in their new home. Finwë Yadayada tells Sam that if any difficulty arises, do not hesitate to mention his name. There won't be any easy way to get messages to him, in the travels on the open sea, but surely he will return ... soon. Sam is perplexed at why. Finwë notes that some places have different congruency with Lanthil. Sam asks, "and that would prevent the palinteer from working?" Yes Sam notes she's been studying the patois and how it's come from Anglic and all the changes and common words, and she's studied the word palinteer and its English meaning television, which means the same thing, far seeing. People who travel sometimes have these spheres of far seeing, however they don't work well across dimensions. Sam has joined a study group to learn patois; the people there said these far-see globes were fairly common.

"Truth be told, Sam," Finwë notes, then digresses into his own history for a bit, but he comes back to say, "the palinteer where I came from were powerful and rare. It wouldn't have occurred to me to obtain one; for centuries they were considered dangerous and inimical. However..." and he continues in florid language which all boils down to the fact that he hadn't thought of getting one but it'd be useful. He dithers a bit then decides that "it behooves me to try and obtain something that would serve!" and goes on in his inimitable way to determine where to get one. "As common as dirt, you say?" No...With a fluff, he escorts Sam towards the shop where such things might be obtained. And they set off, discussing the word and how different Television and Palinteers are. She describes telephones and the kind with video, and Finwë gets all confused about this and waves his hands.

They arrive at the shop. The Elf in Charge asks would they like a matched pair... oh yes! "Glamour, second sight, third sight, high order glamour???" They discuss the matter and determine that third or high order would be needed. For a matched pair, hm. High order. They are essentially two pieces of a single lens, and the light passes through them together. No bound second sight, with intelligence of its own, which makes it less detectible by others, you see. Making it perfect for the mission from the Lady which requires discretion! Says Finwë. How soon will he need it? We'll sail shortly (well, for an elf. Which means, to Finwë, in less than a human generation) So if it is possible to create this on short notice? This will cost much mana to do it quickly, but it's for the castle... Finwë has dropped enough appropriate names, but he thinks, hm, he could provide some batteries. Yes, this can be arranged. And they discuss the mana matter at length (and with Extreme Elven Courtesies) until both are satisfied. At the end, speaking in generalities, Finwë notes that Daewen's Fleet will possibly need more of these at some point and they will become quite requested and useful, and so... in the hour or so that this will take ... after expending several week-batteries... and we do not worry about the order or sequence of gifts... so it is all good in the end and next time we're in port we gift them mana batteries. (put hand waves in for all the ...s, and perhaps floofs)

And Sam and Finwë head out for an hour, discussing the entire economy and the palinteer and his fear of such things. Scary? Well, in Anarath they were few, powerful, and kept by the MOST terrible of wizards. And used for nefarious purposes. And so on. And Finwë invites her to a tea shop and to get those honeycakes with little sprinkles on top. Apparently people came by when the Silvestre family moved in, hearing they were Finwë's family, and gifted them... sometimes daily... with items and often food items. And she is starting to feel a bit odd because it's been one-sided and perhaps they want something from Finwë! but she is thinking how can she get a job, learn a craft, and so on. And there is the matter of when overabundance is rude! and she no longer understands manners here at all!!!

Finwë determines that it would be useful to properly thank the shops and indicate, in elven terms, that enough is enough. Somehow. Although not to stop the flow of the luscious dinner "cakes", concocted with lamb and vegetables in some sauce and crust. This is, in fact, Sam's current assignment... talking to the pie man and sweet master. Those two he will leave to her. They go to do this. But before that, Sam breaks a bit... at a discussion of wine, to note that Winter Wine has been a problem. So she won't have it in the house. She's ... drunk too much at one point. Because things are hard. Because she *has* just lost her parents a month or so ago and she's taking care of the others.

Finwë consoles her and tells her he's proud of her for saying no to the wine and doing everything else. There follows a discussion where Sam admits to things being a bit much for her, being on her own for a first time and now taking care of the family. A true father-daughter discussion, as Sam has for the first time someone to talk with about all the recent trauma and her experience in the past week. Finwë tries his best and does a fairly good job of supporting her. She's part of three study groups, etiquette, language, and a sort of support group; she has the family; she has to learn how to fit in; the whole world has changed; she's dealing with her loss and Micah and Sarah's. It's a lot for an 18 year old girl.

And she worries that she has no things she can make. All the things she has learned are "HER" skills. Dance. Gymnastics. Swimming. Sports. Finwë notes that... she can dance as performance. And she can teach. She was learning as preparation for being in the Olympics. She gives the history. They discuss the skills she has, and how these skills can help those who hunt or need to know how to swim. They can easily be translated to something useful. He says, "You're rather well muscled and lithe among those I know, almost dwarven in strength... Strength is a virtue. And though your learning was peaceful, they will be useful... the martial arts are the way of the warrior. Lanthil is under threat; there are one or possibly two parties who seek to suborn or destroy the country." Sam notes that the crystal cave made that obvious. Finwë assures her that Daewen will welcome a strong warrior and that it is possible that she could do such. And Finwë remembers the bulldancing that happens at the castle. Similar to Minoan Crete... the castle. The bottom is patterned after Knossos. Hm. He does not mention this to her, but notes it.

And they go on to visit a merchant, an elven baker who's been sending sweet pastries. It's a lovely bakeshop. Sam recognizes the wares. And the discussion goes on with all Elven flourishes and courtesies, though Finwë is a little blunt for an Elf. He attempts to make amends by taking three currant cakes, but she's a little wee bit miffed.

Finwë and Sam return in an hour to tune the two devices to themselves in the final casting. Aside from a small difficulty, the item is ready for the final step. And they set to the final work with the two crystal balls, which are about 2.5 inches in diameter. Sam and Finwë each take one, holding it while he does his final casting. The ball gets a touch cooler, and it is done. Holding one up, it distorts the view. If the holder concentrates on the other person, it focuses on the other globe and it comes into immediate focus, with the viewpoint of the other ball. Sam enjoys trying it, and Finwë hears a little bell. He looks at the ball and sees Sam! Sam fools with it some, Finwë puts it away, having twitched on it. She drops the concentration. He tries, she hears the bell. And so on. They will contact each other at each new location.

Finwë accompanies Sam back to her house, where he takes his leave from all three children. And strides off, having fulfilled his commitment with a flourish and, no doubt, his hair impeccably coifed.

Finwë then seeks out someone to speak to about looking in on his family, to give Sam a bit of help. He finds Curly Joe together with the retired Wendy, and discusses the concerns he has. The retired Wendy is actually more concerned about Sarah. There are many more boys than girls, and Micah's experience is common with others. However, Sarah's seeming capability and quiet is probably a sign of internalized trouble. They're not quite as good at dealing with Sarah's experiences. Some of the women up at the castle have experience with counseling. But not right amongst the Lost. And a group right there won't help, but they have some plans. And they are working things out. And she thanks Finwë for stepping in as a Father; it has eased the transition greatly.

And Finwë heads for his skiff, which heads for the Shipyards! Quickly. As the tide is turning.

For Next Week:
Eir is studying herbal preparation and applications with the herb gardener and Lorilei. And one day Eric and Eir make a trip to visit Father Paddy, with assistance from Daewen to shorten the distance. ??? But we do not get to running this! YET.

Once the improvements are done, we deport for parts known, that is, the Floating Isles.

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