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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 39: The Bone Whisperer

by Ann Broomhead

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Around midday, we rejoin, and troop back to Madame Fishalashi’s (Mom’s) in the city. We tidy up our stuff, and go outside briefly to try out our new Sarah-compass. It seems to work; it points in the general direction of the palace. Yes, that’s roughly the location we associated with Sarah when we visited the palace.

We meet Khajad for luncheon. We ask about traveling around the city, especially in the direction of the palace. He assures us that the main drag leads directly to the only entrance to the palace, so that’s how we’d get there. Teller asks if there are nice things to see inside the palace. He assures us that there are gardens and fountains and temples. He asks the translator what his favorite thing inside the palace would be. He reminisces about a small garden deep inside the palace. He doesn’t think we ’ll have enough time to see it.

Teller manages to convey the hope that, should ties form between our lands, that he may come to Lanthil, where we would be pleased to translate for him. He is pleased with the sentiment. She asks about healers. He explains that the healers here are all priests, and since there is only one True Faith, all true healers are priests. After more questioning, he admits that there are doctors in the Harbor City, to whom non-believers might go.

Eïr explains that we rescued some people from the pirates, and that one of them, a young man, was injured quite severely. His injury is at the limit of her skill, and she wondered if there was someone there who could cure a broken neck? “In the City of One Hundred and One Temples, there are many healers. Some of them are healers of the body.” After much discussion, Khazad suggests that the captain and Eïr come with him to the Quarter of the Scholars, where there may be someone who can help our unfortunate patient. The others prefer to not be left here, so they are dropped off at the City Gate, to wander the bazaar until just before dinner (when the prayer bell chimes).

Eïr worries that any healer may be offended that a non-believer worked on the patient first. Khajad is non-committal. After all, failing to treat a broken neck immediately simply because there is not a proper healer around is not always practical. They reach their destination. They explain their request and, after a wait, a short, brown-garbed fellow (with a look of great wisdom) issues forth. They go directly from the temple to the ship. He doesn’t say much.

They arrive at our ship. The priest just stands there. Khajad whispers to Finwë and Eïr that he is waiting to be invited aboard. The captain invites him onto the ship, and Eïr invites him to aid her patient. Now he boards, and is lead belowstairs.

He examines the patient and, through the translator, says, “This is not good. His neck is broken. If his neck is moved, he will die, or move no more and soon die.” She nods; she knew this. He explains that, although he will try to heal the lad, it is a very iffy proposition. He gets her permission, and they decide on the conditional agreement of the unconscious patient. He cuts away the clothing, and hair of the young man. He adjusts the boy’s position slightly, then grasps the patient’s hands and starts a soft chant. Something vibe-y is definitely happening.

He stops, goes through his bag, and pulls out some pouches and vials. He asks for a way to heat water. He is led into the galley. He takes over, finds the kettle and two small glasses. He ties colored ribbon around each glass, and matching ribbons around the pouches. He explains to Eïr exactly what should be done with each bundle. The little sieve impresses him mightily. We have a spare, and make him a present of it. He continues with his instructions. Eric has been writing frantically, all along, so all the instructions have been fully recorded.

He insists that he should be called back if, when the patient wakes, there is no pain, or a great deal of pain. We agree. Eïr asks about a neck brace. He admits that might work, but that it is risky to position, and difficult to shape appropriately. Eïr mentions that we have elves and dwarves here, and at least one of them can make an appropriate cushion. He warns that he can lie in this position for only three more days.

Finwë telepathically calls Mandorak, and the others, to the ship from the bazaar, explaining that Mannie needs to make some ectoplastic bandages. Meanwhile, the little priest explains that he has been teaching the herbs what they have to do to heal the patient.

By the time they have finished their shoptalk, the Hremish dwarf (and the others) has arrived. Without any fuss, he makes an ectoplastic collar. The priest gives instructions in refreshing the pillows. He congratulates Eïr on her skill, and bows himself out, with some last advice.

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