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The Logs of the TDFS Tindome

Chapter 38: Settling In and Setting Up

by Ann Broomhead

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There is a suggestion that some of our party can remain here. However, since we have only the one pass, they would be effectively imprisoned. We ultimately decide against splitting up. Mandorak discovers that the entire area tingles with psychic vibrations. As we’re about to leave ‘our’ boarding house, he looks around to see if anyone is watching us. Nope. A few people stare at the foreigners, but there’s no watching.

We each pack what we think we need. Our captain dithers over the delivered fabric. Meanwhile, Eïr tends to her patients, and gives instructions on their further treatment to Aldamir and Teller. Mandorak and Bavör lock the engines.

Once back at “Mom’s” Eïr pads the back of a chair for Squawk, as we discuss our next move. We have successfully dowsed in Darkholme, but we have also failed disastrously. Eïr suggests that we try binding find spells, and then triggering them from a distance. We agree that we should troop back to our ship, test a few spells, and bring some trigger-able spells back with us.

We go to the dining room for dinner. Of course, none of the seats have backs. The foods are unfamiliar. We look at Khazad, who names the foods for us. It doesn’t help. We watch what he eats and how he eats it. The food is spicy, with many unfamiliar flavors. We actually enjoy our meal.

We do pre-sleep things, then sleep, then wake. After breakfast we head back to the outer city and the harbor. While the captain and Eïr are looking for a tailor, the others return to the ship to experiment with binding a dowse. Bavör fails miserably at this, and blames the pernicious atmosphere of Darkholme. He decides that he and Mannie will work together, but now he can ’t even do a simple dowse. They ring in Eric, who successfully binds a dowse onto a piece of paper, which works on their sample target – Sam.

Eric now produces a successful dowse and bind for Sarah. It points into the heart of the city. It works!

With help from Khazad, Eïr locates a modest piece of furniture which can serve as a perch for Squawk. We are able to purchase a new outfit for Sam. Finwë locates a tailor that seems promising to him.

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