While the new marker at the foot of this stone reads:


The poor record of whoever placed the modern markers at the feet of the two other unreadable stones, and the fact that they mistook a footstone for a head stone, does very little to convince me that this stone belongs to Rachel.

My own guess back in 2004 was that this was Jane, the wife of James '01, since we had a record that they were buried in this graveyard, were the oldest of the Claypools on our list and appeared to have no other graves. Since Selma discovered Jane's real headstone and found James's not far from it, I was obviously wrong.

I'm left with recording this grave as an unknown Claypool or at best the unattested grave of Rachel. Personally, I think it more likely the wife of the person buried in the other weather defaced garve than John's, but that is pure speculation on my part, and worth no more than the opinion of the person who set the modern "Mother Rachel" mark at its foot.