These two stones appear to be the footstones for two graves a few feet to the right of the cluster of Claypool graves. A fragment of the headstone for one of them is present, but I could find no evidence of the other. The only inscriptions on the stones read

G. C.   and   C. C.

Given the age and placement of the stones, I think we may be forgiven for speculating that these are two Claypools.

Interestingly, there is a G. & C. Claypool couple quite closely related to the other Claypools in the cemetery: George Claypool and his wife, Catherine Miller. George is the son of James '01 and his wife Jane who are buried directly up the slope from "G.C." and "C.C", and is the brother of James Claypool who is buried along with his wife Margaret, directly to the south of "G.C." and "C.C". He is also the brother of John Claypool who is buried just beyond James and Margaret next to the two (or three) weather defaced graves.

I am therefore tentatively assuming that these graves are those of George and Catherine.